Is there a wheelbuilding thread yet?

I was curious and I’m going to build my 2nd wheel soon

pls convince me not to buy a park stand

Get the silly one it got. It’s the same price but a lot nicer.

every flippin time

It’s the 24th topic down on the main page:

Did you even try to look?

tarck is about quadruple threads

Talk to me about carbon rims for 28mm tires. Looking for like a 30mm depth. I’d like something versatile and durable. For disc hubs, 28holes.

People, myself included, seem to have good luck with Light Bicycles’ rims. i’ve got a few thousand miles on a pair of 28wx46d disc rims, quite strong, built up easily. You can order direct. or talk to @EndpointBraden about the possibility of a group order that might save a few bucks on shipping.

eBay from China.

that one don’t ship to aus but i found a Taiwan seller that will

500 dollarydoos, worth it over the park which I can get for tree fiddy locally sans dials?

looks like that includes the digi tensiometer which i guess is like $70

It’s +$20 freedom dollars over park. The dials are only so cool because a wheel really only gets so true.

Tensiometer is 100% worth the 50-70$

yeah, those dials look like an unwieldy nightmare to have to fiddle. would never want them on a stand that ever sees repair work/touch up trues with a tire still mounted, or when time is a factor at all whatsoever. stands like that are only suited for professionals specializing in cranking out wheel builds with exceedingly high standards, or maybe also obsessive internet hobbyists looking to dump 15 hours into their wheel builds for to satisfy their own abstruse needs

tensios, on the other hand, are the truth. never trust an old head who says they can get it good with their hands, hubris is getting the better of them.

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Sounds like tarck

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fuggit, just bought it with 10% off eBay coupons, let’s see if it shows up

tensiometer is only as good as its calibration. And in the case of the Park, how you use it completely changes the results. If you have one try releasing the spring tension slowly and then another time quickly. The difference in result is quite big.

fly down to prison island island for a wheelbuilder course

@sleve_mcdichael & I offer tensionmeter calibration services at a NATA accredited lab. But you can also hang 100kg off a spoke and do it that way.

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oh yeah, so true on the park tensio. old shop used them and you eventually get the knack of a consistent release, but they’re costly to have park re-calibrate and really suffer from long term drift in readings as the torsion spring approaches failure and as the pivot and sliding gauge acquire friction. the wheelsmith ones seem much better aside from how uncomfortable they are, but i have much more faith in the compression spring and overall longevity and consistency.

i’ve never felt the need to invest in a super expensive/digital option, but what’s good out there?

I went through a lot of mental gymnastics here. How do I get 100kg? Then like. How do I hold a spoke holding up 100kg? Life is full of more questions than answers it seems. I think I’m fine with having a not correct tension o meter.