Is there a wheelbuilding thread yet?

Oh yeah, should be fine. Also, dyno BOB trailer? Really?

You do you, man.

Will require some fuckery calculating spoke lengths since the left vs. right flanges are effectively offset by 1/4 hole instead of 1/2 hole

ETA oh if radial it probably doesn’t matter much

I was really contemplating a dynamo in a Bob trailer but I can’t figure out how to make a 20” wheel fit in a 16” trailer.

Put the dynamo into a 16" wheel. Problem solved (at least until you get fast enough so you start blowing up the tail lights.)


don’t some shimano dynos come with a voltage limiter for rear light only use?

I think the UR705 hub I bought came with one, might still have it if someone’s interested in it.

sp sv-9 is designed for small wheels - I am running it on my 26" and it puts out less than ideal voltage with the rpms. I don’t care because the lights on my commuter are for visibility not vision and it works fine.

2 birds, one stone: add suspension AND wheelbase!


our bike scienists were so fixated on what they could do, they forgot to ask if this is something they should do.


Great thanks! Trying to get back here more. Miss this crew


I just laced my first wheel. It took me ages. It’s not tensioned or anything yet. Used an existing wheel to guide me. Hub has logos all over it so I didn’t bother trying to align the valve hole with any particular spot on it.


Looks fantastic! Yes SONs are pretty ambiguous about where the “label” is

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maybe align with the plug?

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plug spins

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oh right

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broken clock


boooo? yay? time will tell

Freehub engagement is my favorite thing about DT hubs. Increasing to 36T is a really nice improvement.

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I wish they’d give it a slightly different name, thus heading off years of “is that a pre-23 hub?” or “this 350 end cap doesn’t work with that hub but this one does.”


Especially since they’re using model numbers already!