it wouldn't be tarck without a dyno thread

Thank You Blakey for the dyno rundown

DQ where’s the best (cheapest) place to get lights? I have a Shimano LX hub. Do I need any weird connectors? Rly don’t wanna make the dyno equivalent of multiple trips to the hardware store

stoked to have this set up soon. usually I just ride home without lights and hope I don’t get run over

I think my hub is 3 watts
does this limit what lights I can use?

I usually check all these overseas vendors for the lowest price + cheapest shipping.
Usually works best if you group up with some friends and split shipping. Often, even with shipping, it still comes out cheaper than ordering from a USA vendor. Not sure how the new tariffs change the equation tho.

It has more to do with what your minimum speed will need to be to have a steady light vs a flickery light. But it really depends on how much the lamp wants to draw. Running an B&M Eyc? probably fine. Running a Luxos U with the high beam activated? lots of flickering or dim light.

3W is the “standard”. The small wheel / Delux SON hubs put out a little less, like 2.2W? Then there’s the 1.5W Shimanos which seem more flickery in my testing.

Oh whoops, I retract my claim.
yeah, 1.5W & 3W are the two most popular hubs.

why the fuck is the only hub worth getting that fits my bike nearly $400?
I can get like 30 usb battery packs for that much money.

2.4 and 3w are the industry values.

Penned in 2011, updated in 2013.

PSA: 12mm Shimano hub from euro land

A $400 dynohunb is about 1,000 times better than $400 worth of batteries


I had no idea 1.5 W hubs are now a thing.


They cool. I have no problem with one hooked up to a cyo premium and a secula for pavement speeds

1.5 watt shimano hub crü checking in. Running a cyo premium and a Topline. Never had an issue.

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def would put on endpoint noodlebiek

$400 is SON. SP are closer to $200 I think. I have 2 and they’re both fine.

SP has been having some QC issues (maybe?)- I’ve seen 4 warranties in the last 2 months, and I think they’re all hubs that were built up in the last year. I heard they had some issues with their factory? IDK, my SP is fine and I don’t know what the general warranty/shitfuck rate has been for SP in the past so I can’t comment scientifically - but it seems unusually high to me. I still buy their hubs because they’re cheap and light and usually work, but its something to keep in mind.

anybody fondled the new IQ-XS?

Briefly in a shop on a bike but have not ridden with it.

Looked like they took some of the design cues from the IQ-X in a smaller form factor.

I wished they included the upside-down nerd-mount of the IQ-X, but it looked like the same plasticy compression mount as the Cyo Premium.

Update to some dyno testing:

Before the “Long Night of the Boat Shoe” I posted about testing the Trelock LS905 (with a Shimano 1.5W hub) against the IQ Cyo Premium (on a SP SV-8). I found the Trelock to be as good if not slightly better that the Cyo. They seemed about the same brightness but the Trelock had a better beam pattern.

Yesterday I rebuilt the Shimano wheel to a Sram I-Light D7. It’s a 3W hub with Sanyo internals. It has 36 poles which might make it smoother, and uses the Shimano style Lego connector.

Taking it out last night for a test - holy shit. It’s much brighter than the Cyo now that it’s getting a full 3W. They’re rated at the same 80 lux but the LS 905 has a narrower beam pattern that’s much more effective. It does have a funky artifact where it casts a narrow crescent out to sides of the road but it’s forgivable. Maybe that helps with side visibility? Overall, it’s definitely a class better. I wish I had an IQ-X to test against next.

I’m also glad to now know there’s a difference between using 1.5 and 3W hub, and with this light it’s a dramatic one. Maybe other lights are less sensitive. Maybe some of them are current-limited anyway in order to get different outputs at different price points using the same LED.

As for the hub, it’s been out of production for a while so any review wouldn’t be all that useful anymore. With the light off, it seems noisier than the other hubs I’ve tried. With it on, it’s about the same. I haven’t gotten any long rides on it though. It is one of the heaviest options, that’s for sure.