Italan vs. Japanese track bikes

I used to like Japanese frames/parts more.

More and more, I like the old Italian stuff better.

What about you, and why?



Italian, because that’s where my bike was made.

You really can’t go wrong either way. I’d take a bike made either place.

Italian because I’m Italian.

Yeah either are fine choices but I gotta side with the Italians with my two current track bikes.

I clicked on Nihon because it is local for me and if I was going to get a custom frame
done, I can communicate easier.
By the way I prefer writing it out as Nippon.

I would say Japanese, only because their threading and various part sizes tend to be more universal (for lack of a better word)

^^^^^uhhh not quite

yeah what is it with us calling it “japan” anyway?

as for the poll i dont think you can really compare the two. both countries have great reputations for bikes, they are just a little different.

i clicked italian though because it just seems more romantic.

i like american made frames

been the case with my limited experience with bicycles, just an observation.

NJS frames have funky JIS headsets
italian frames have funky BB threading
take your pic

[quote=“dooktruck”]NJS frames have funky JIS headsets
italian frames have funky BB threading
take your pic[/quote]

pic taken

also 110 rear spacing and 8mm drop outs on some NJS frames

Italian for me:
I am long arms and legs, short torso so Italian frames fit me better.

For track bikes, I like Nihon, but for road bikes it’s Italian all the way.

because we call countries what we want i guess, which is kind of weird. germany should be Deutschland, spain should be España, etc.

I wish I had either. All my frames were built in Taiwan, with one French exception.

That’s a pretty ignorant thing to say, from an historical perspective. I suggest doing some research before you assume that it’s all Western arrogance or some other nonsense.