It's Electric! A thread for e-bike things.

i know of one. not sure about any others

I’m your huckleberry. Well, one of the other huckleberries.

I have scant prior ebike experience, but I will say these ride real nice. It’s interesting to contrast with the higher-powered rentals I’ve tried, that seemed like they might be trying to kill me. I can look at all the battery and motor stats, but that doesn’t communicate how important a smooth power delivery and especially the transitions from coasting to pedalling are to how fun the bike is to ride, and how confident I feel on it.

I only have rear hub version at my location, but a mid drive should arrive in the near future.


I’m very excited to try this bike and also to sell a lot of them to make a lot of money for tarckers and myself :smiling_imp:


I have to say, one of the biggest disappointments of putting together an E-kit is that I really liked it and now I see all these other sweet e-bikes that I’m assuming aren’t quite as janky lol


Really love the xtracycle with the Bosch drive. Interested to try some other motor makers.


I dig my conversion, but probably would just consume a Tern ebike if it needed to be replaced.

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Definitely have that on my steel bikes that have used the bbshd. Not sure if it is just paint or steel is also imprinted.

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lol, my coworker ordered an ebike online and it showed up without a battery or a rear wheel


tell me it’s rear hub drive

of course


i’ve gotten at least 1 message every day this week that my light is still on.


Oh this is the ebike thread

What ebike should I tell my SIL to buy?

She is more Dutch bike than road bike

I have a co-worker who loves and has put a lot of miles on an Electra Townie Go, whatever the 8-speed IGH variant is/was.

Recommended the same to one of my mom’s friends. She liked it on the test ride, but ended up buying a Pedago Interceptor instead (I think because it had a throttle).

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