It's Electric! A thread for e-bike things.

Edithering: thinking about bafanging my pugsley. Can folk w experience weigh in on cons of SS. Gonna be a grocery getter and shitty weather commuter. Maybe pull my bob trailer now and then

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Whatever electric bike is supported by the local bike shop

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SS as in single speed? For what it is worth, I only use the first couple gears on my bbshd bike. 42 tooth cassette.

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Yes single speed

I guess my question is how much are you shifting them?

I think my first gear gets up to like 19 mph, second gear to like 24, 3rd gear it’s like 28 I think

I do shift a lot but I also have a lot of steep hills around me.

And this is basically full power, basically throttle lonely. When I’ve ridden the bike as a normal pedal assist type bike, I use the gears a hell of a lot more.


I will add one last thing. While I would get a mid-drive setup 10 times out of 10, a mid drive with a single speed is counterproductive to the purpose of the mid drive.

I think with my next iteration will be mid drive with an internally geared hub. Belt or chain

Also, one last thing I swear. Depending on the bottom bracket with your bicycle, that’s how you decide which mid-drive set you need. So you might not necessarily have a head drive set of that can go between bikes. But the same can be said for the hub motorbikes.


gears it is

thank you

Also on a Pugsley you should do some reading on 100mm BB conversions for mid drive motors. I feel when I was reading up on tsdz2 stuff that people had issues with the axles breaking but that was hopefully an isolated issue

Hub axles?

Xt hubs converted to solid axles with track nuts

Ah sorry I mean the pedal spindle/axle on the motor itself a la

I feel like labouring an ebike motor in too tall of a gear puts unecessary load on them and leads to premature engine cooking. I have no idea about if there is room for one in a fatbikes BB area. My buddy had to chamfer some frame away just to make his 73mm BB one fit.

Good resource. Thank you


Bb spindle.

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No planning to off-road / adventure it. Just a grocery getter so not sure that’s a problem. Should be able to add their kit later if I sheared the stock.

Can confirm that the motors like to spin fast fast. The smallest tooth in the front and the biggest tooth in the back is the best