It's Electric! A thread for e-bike things.

Ah that is sort of interesting. I don’t have a throttle on mine since I only wanted to use the pedal assist. The assist tops out at ~90rpm at the pedals, so I’m always shifting gears. Never considered that you could just seriously spin out the gears on a bike with a throttle.

Yeah. I thought it was strange that the motor is happy to spend much much faster than 90 rpm. It’s almost a negative in my opinion. Since it doesn’t help us as humans that we can’t spend that fast

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Well i started ordering parts to electrify the clydesdale. Gonna be a little expensive but hoping itll make less sweaty and faster commuting possible


welp here we go



Did you hurt your legs?

Grew up there. Just busting balls.


Seriously considering doing it to my pugsley

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theres no other reason to own a pugsley. do it.


But pubes, you can switch the wheels

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Even more reason to do it. Mid drive motor with two SS gear ratios.

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Everyone keeps tryin to talk me out of as but I rode it as without a motor and I can always add a cassette later

It’s rolling, going to move the battery to a rear rack I think. Boost 4 seems crazy fast. BigAnt crate is on the way.


Rivnut the battery between the top tube and the down tube

Not enough room or it already would be there

sup nearly owns this bike finally
I have a sneaky feeling that its speed/cadence, which i would want to resolve by making it torque sensing. does that head unit seem like it would play nicely with switching sensor type? all my e-bike experience is bosch and shimano, so i’m out of my realm here

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What firmware do you have?

My only other comment is to keep a 8mm hex, lockring tool, and square taper tool on you until you know the motor isn’t moving around lol

I got it from Eco Cycles so it’s the Open Source one.

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Okay cool, mine is running their “Eco+” firmware on a SW102 display

The Turbo mode is pretty peppy and I can only imagine what it’s like when it is moving half as much mass as me and my Dummy

I don’t know what the deal is but I’ve broken I think three or four racks from having the battery mounted on them. The little struts just don’t last. So be careful.