It's Electric! A thread for e-bike things.

it should have plugged into a slot like a nintendo cartridge


That looks way more practical than the new electric suitcase. Those tiny wheels will not work on bad roads or cobbles.

more practical to ride, less practical to lug around folded.

the old gas-engine one weighed 99lbs with a full tank and was 46.7" long x 21.3" tall x 9.4" wide when folded up

the new electric one weighs 45lbs and is 29.2" long x 21.1" tall x 3.7" wide when folded.

I could get the electric one onto a bus or train without issue, the gas one would be a stretch.

Honda’s designers usually know what’s up. It’s probably designed to get onto Japanese trains without breaking the rules.

You can take a bike on a train, but it has to fit in a bag.

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Yeah the new one is way more portable but I think they went too far with the shopping cart wheels. This is just a lime scooter with a seat… in fact it looks worse than a lime scooter. Look at the amount of travel the front suspension has: 1 inch, or possibly none. And are those wheels solid? They look like they might be. Imagine hitting a pothole.
At that point you might be better off with one of these:


Yeah the Honda has better vibes than an ali express scooter but I’m not sure the functionality is much better

I’m bashing it because I think it’s a missed oppurtunity. They could have made a practical and fashionable pocket electrobike, but they went full designer nerdgasm with the suitcase shape and forgot all about practicality. I’m willing to bet a month’s wages there’s a huge amount of empty space near the seatpost, which is just super silly.

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If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid!