ITT CX bikes that can run 29er tires

I’m thinking about selling my SS 29er cuz too big and having more fun riding geared CX bike on the trails around here.

So, the end goal is eventually replacing my CX frame with something with 29er tire clearance for badass off-road riding in my CX position when it’s not being raced. Gary Fisher Presidio does exactly that. Can a Surly Crosscheck do that? Anything else? What’s good on 29er clearances with regular ass CX geometry?

DQ: What defines a 29er tire andre? 35-40mm ish, or the shift from metric into redneck units or what? i’m curious just because i have a Devinci TG2 cross/ touring frame at home in canada that im thinking of making into a fat tire dirt road type bike.

i dont think my soma dcdc can fit 2+inches. would love to give it a try though.

it can probably do up to a 45

Probably the shift into redneck units. I know the Kenda Nevegals on my 29er are 700x55, though. So probably 700x50 on up, or whatever equivalent in inches. I know the Presidio will fit 29x1.8 tires, for instance.

Gunnar Crosshairs fits upto 55s, I believe.

my masi definately fit’s 40c knobbies. pretty sure it can hold 44 wtb mutano raptors in the front, definately will fit on the rear. i guess those are more monster cross, but still big enough for trail use.

Van Dessel Country Road Bob can.

A little on the slacker side for CX but I still raced it.


lulz @ redneck units.

[quote=Cy Trivialities]i dont think my soma dcdc can fit 2+inches. would love to give it a try though.

it can probably do up to a 45[/quote]

Man, the price is awesome on those. I could pick one up and get an Alpha Q cross fork for pretty reasonable amount. I guess 700x45 would be pretty good for trail riding.

Looks like the Gunnar and Soma both fit “700x38 with fenders” as quoted from their websites, and the Presidio can do 29x1.9’s (I think ~700x50) with “room to spare”. After looking around, it seems that there’s some nice 700x45 MTB tires out there, so I could probably live with that for clearance. I think I may do the Double Cross down the line cuz price is right/steel/can probably get discount through my team shop. My BD cross bike right now has all the weight of steel with none of the ride quality haha.

x check:

My Poprad/Persidio does not have much clearance. Nothing bigger than 35c I’d say.

My CrossCheck has HUGE clearance. Could go up to 50c, I think.

Chech out the Vassago Bandersnatch. It’s purpose-built for monstercross.

is good eh? i didnt make it up but wish i had.

anybody know what will fit under a cx9?

presidio can apparently fit a 2.2" rear and 1.9" front. not that you’d put a bigger tire on the rear instead of the front.

tricross can fit 2.2" front and 1.8" rear.

crosscheck can fit 44’s front and rear (or is it 45?). pretty sure it is 44mm or 1.7".

Anyone got a confirmation on max size for Soma Doublecross?

Looks like lots of room to spare with that cross tire already installed.

front is 60mm wide, rear is 46-7mm. measurements might look off in the pics cuz of camera angle.

i’ll get measurements, but that’s with a 40mm knobby tire

40mm knobbies eh? Wow, looks like a 45 should fit comfy in the rear… may be pushing it in the front though.

Thanks by the way.