ITT: Post Pictures of Bikes That Get RIDDEN!

Someone please think of a better title for this thread and I’ll change it, I’ve got nothin.

Post pics of bikes that get ridden to death everyday… that you can actually tell get ridden to death everyday.

i vote we change the name of the thread to post pics of bikes that are like my mom.

i like where this thread could possibly be going

i forsee this being my favorite thread. if i get a camera, i might even be able to contribute.

I think over at Rivendell they call it ‘beausage’ - for beautiful usage. But since I’m not really a fan of that word, I’m pretty happy with the current thread title.

I can almost excuse the ourys and shit on these bars

beat up c-dales

kinda looks like sausage

which works cause this is a total boner thread


Edit: I failed to read the requirements. Then I tried to rationalize my response. Then I said time to GTFO.

I used to be rocking those same two seats on my two bikes.
Now it’s slightly different.

i came in here to post the word “beausage,” but I see I’ve been beaten.

To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a well-crafted bike that’s been beaten up by actual riding wear.