ITT: Tarck helps Face design a bike

OK, I can either make my own thread or keep shitting up the shart-q thread with my geometry questions. Maybe this could be be a reference to others as well.

I’m having one of tarck’s illustrious frame buildeurs make me a frame to replace my stupid dumpster Peugeot that I’ve been dithering way too hard on. It’s never going to be anywhere near the bike I want it to be, I need to give up and move on.

So, here’s what I’ve wanted to do for a while:

Fit similar to a 59cm square road bike, but with short stem, swoopy risers, and long tt to maintain reach. So like a 640mm top tube and a 50mm
Fits 29x2.3" XC tire.
Front end geometry such that it’ll handle a load decently with an off the shelf fork.
~75mm bb drop, with 170mm road cranks
~73° seat tube angle
~430mm chainstays

So kinda a mash-up of proto-29er stupid ideas with a little modern reach shenanigans. It’ll have slicks and fenders in the winter and 29er knobbies in the summer. Basket and dyno 24/7

So I think the first thing I need to figure out is front end geometry so I can pick out a fork. I like the Kona P2 forks, the Sutra LTD fork has one set of mid leg zits but I cant find a clear answer on its tire clearance. The Salsa CroMoto is another option, I believe both are in the 45-50mm offset range.


So if you’re front loading, probably a pretty steep HTA?

I know you said QR fork. But really, get a TA fork. It will improve your experience in a meaningful way.

Also, get Walt Works to make the fork.


Yea, basket with tool kit, some clothes, a lock, and lunch usually. Sometimes like 30lbs of tools or whatever, but usually not that much. And with risers I’m not too concerned with wheel flop as its not been that big of an issue with previous basket bikes. But, if I can bake in some more front-load-ability I will. We’re thinking a 71-72deg HTA with the highest offset fork I can find, which so far is only 50mm. If I can find something with curved legs I could always ruin it by curving them more.

Here’s some fork links

There’s also some surly fork but it’s got like 2lbs in zits.

I get what you’re saying and its correct. I should just TA the whole thing.

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Black mountain monster cross disc fork?

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MCD with the segmented crown is out of stock and it doesn’t list clearance. Has 55mm offset though which is nice.

Road+ has one in stock but also doesn’t list clearance. Road+ frame is listed as clearing 650x42 and max 160 rotor do that’s going to be a no from me dawg.

I will enquire and report back.

Custom high offset fork with to-spec zits and Spectrum paint was under $300 from Peter Dreesens a few years ago for my dither.


You’d have to check the frame set. Probably won’t clear your desired mtb tire size though. Road+ is for 650b, so no.

The MCD frame is listed as 50mm measured tire width max. Pokes probably clear more, but he’d have to ask to be sure.

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They 0.5bongs now, I’d get carbon and a fancy head tube for that money.

Dang. That’s nuts. I feel like I got mine for $350 not that long ago.

Maybe you did, crazy times right now.

My Walt fork was $400 about this same time last year. Seems like he did an across the board price increase just recently.

I’ve heard from a few people outside of cycling that steel things have gone up in cost this year.

Oh well, Q has the Salsa CroMoto in modern-through-axle-way in stock, but tapered. So I’m probably gonna do that and have a pair of zits added.


Probably should also mention that Walt didn’t really hold to his own price list at the end on my fork. He didn’t charge any extra for thru-axle mounts, or for the extra zits (10 total). It should have been another $45 or so. He also didn’t budge when I told him I expected to pay more. YMMV

Yea, but I can order that salsa from Q on my phone.


What kinda mechanical trail we talkin’ 'bout here? I’m thinkign 60-65mm.


Unfortunately there’s no Walmart nearby :frowning: