Kinco 901T appreciation thread

any interest in a group buy for these?

full leather (sry vegans) insulated mittens, incredibly fucking warm, incredibly durable. good for any outdoor activity.

can order them through work and probably get them down to something like ~$15/pair. would be men’s large only, sorry smol folkx.

Count me in

In as well even if I don’t use them for a few years

would for $15 even tho i’m not usually a mitten man. what about glubs? i hear they make a nice glub.

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i bought these about this time of the year in 2014, my last winter in boston from my local hardware store. i’ve worn them every day in the winter since then and they’re just now getting holes in the leather where it creases at the finger joints. 10/10 would

sick. my cat pissed on my kids mini kinco garden jawns, but they were in a basket he decided was dead to him so hopefully he doesn’t get any ideas

can we get some 1927 non-KW in this group buy? i will have some more of those

ok. glove order has been placed. gloves eta to me in co is thurs. i can prolly tender to USPS fri. there are a couple extra pairs looking for a home if anyone is interested or peeps want duplicate pairs.

i took everyone at their word and trust, fronted the cash and expect everyone to follow through. i’ll send pm’s once gloves are in hand requesting payment.

$15 + $3 for shipping. these are gloves that MSRP for $36 or so, cheapest innernet price is $25 shipped.

@spaghetti_if_its_possible @jawn_doe @euclid @ShartAttack

@BEEutiful_Wednesday sorry no other sizes or styles available. distro is blowing out 901t as winter is DOA RIP here out west.


it’s ok. please PM me for one of the extra pairs if no one else wants them. i also have a 901t at my house, very nice mittens.

thank u bikerider.

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sick. lemme know where to launch the monies

I’ll buy one if you have one left



i just bought the glove version and turns out I’m a S for that. no way a L mitt would work

You wear the glove inside the mitten

I had a nice ski day in my 901ts today, enjoy them people

just a quick update- a partial quantity of my order arrived yesterday, hopefully the rest arrives as scheduled on tuesday

hi tarck bears

mittens are up in the heezy!!!

Just gotta forward them to patch’s mom for final shipping.