Kogswell P/R Pricing

I swear to god I saw it listed somewhere for $450 f/f/fenders but I can’t find the link on their site. Am I crazy or just blind?

on their site it says 600 for fff.

I know, maybe that was a special price for the cream colored one.

I’m 99% on selling the Gunnar and picking one up.

I’m sure it’s still listed somewhere for $450 on that idiotic maze of a web site. Keep looking.


frame $350

^ haz 59 on ebay for 175 but no fork and shipping is 50…

^^^ I’m so tempted. Fuuuuck.

fuck kogswell, fuck the p/r

and just found this.I’m confused as to what exactly they’re offering but…


looks liek they are pairing a 1" threadless fork with a kogs well frame that has headtube for 1-1/8" fork…hence the need for a hs with a shim…

There are a lot of other reasons for hate, but they’re pretty awesome riding bikes.

and pairing dual pivot brakes with a frame that has canti bosses


Not psyched about the 135 spaced rear hub, I had hoped to use my Ultegra 36h hubs I have laying around.

^ cold set bro, or just run as is. should be fine. 5mm isn’t that much.

also boo at which ever mod changed my name.

The ebay auctions are kind of dumb from Paul’s bikes. 1 1/8" frame with an 1" fork or how about road brakes for a frame/fork built for cantis. They have a jumbo 64cm P/R that I am seriously considering as well. That includes the useless road brakes and an equally useless double crankset with 170mm arms. I measured my own Nishiki “rando” bike and compared to the 64cm P/R. Almost all of the basic dimensions are spot on (chainstay, front center, head tube angle) with a few changes (more fork rake, tall head tube extension, more BB drop and slightly slacker seat tube) that will probably be beneficial to me

The 135 rear is no big deal really. It is steel so put in a 130 rear and tighten the Q/R down. If I do get it I will be using a 130mm rear hub and might respace the axle out to 135.

As for price the current seems to be $600. But, I have seen posts of previous Kogswell specials were the framesets (no fenders or anything else) where they were sold at $250.

There are a lot of other reasons for hate, but they’re pretty awesome riding bikes.[/quote]
Can you elaborate? My gripe with whoever operates the Kogswell website is that they seemingly never respond to email. Other than that, the frames seem cool enough (although I’m not a fan of sloping top tubes) and the reviews I’ve read seem to indicate they ride well. If only you could speak to a human at the company allegedly selling them…

The fenders (at least on the one I rode) are of not-so great quality.
They can never get their shit together to come out with the rack they’ve been promising for years.
135mm spacing?
Maybe they’ve corrected these issues now, but I know a dude who bought an early K-well. It was significantly out of alignment when he got it and had suck paint.

…plus the stuff you mentioned.

I personally think it might also be a nice courtesy to customers to offer a few 650B things (tires, rims, wheelsets) they could have shipped with their frames.

my hate @ the p/r is a lil unjustified, i’ll edit this post later with a full explanation of my opinions laters.

get the sycip if you can afford it