krylon fusion and bikes?

i’m going to paint this bike i got for free. i dont feel like sanding it and shit, just want it to look a little better than left-in-the-paint shed red and black.

anyone use krylon fusion for a cheap rattlecan job that takes little time? i just want to take off the stickers, clean it, and paint it. krylon fusion works well on plastic and says it’s great for metal too. i dont want to clear coat it either. just a new color is fine.

i’ve never used it on a bike frame exactly…but i do metal sculpture as a hobby
and i’ve used krylon fusion on a few pieces (usually pieces ranging from 6in-2ft.)
works well for what i want to achieve.

rusto got the gusto.

go to an autozone and get that shit they use to paint engine blocks annoying colors. heat and wear resistant, super thick and glossy. that should do it.


engine paint i’ve heard about. can i just spray it on without any prep work?

i like the fusion because it just adheres

and rustoleum i can’t find any neat colors in at the walmart. i’ll check home depot next time.

but the goal is no prep work. i just want this bike to be one color, instead of varying shades of shitty red and splashes on the fork.

honestly, if you want the paint to adhere well, you’ll need to rough it up a bit with some fine sandpaper(you don’t necessarily need to sand to bare metal) and clean it with some alcohol. otherwise, it will scratch easily and all that old paint will show through the new paint. make sure it is a dry, warm day and let it bake in the sun if possible… maybe use a heat gun if available. baked paint is a lot more durable.

so just go over it with sandpaper? how will i know it’s enough if i’m not sanding to bare metal? and what kinda sandpaper should i pick up?

you wont sand to bare metal on accident.

yep, just sand enough to roughen up the surface of the old coat. it just needs to be rough to the touch(it’ll look flat or satin). grab some 400 grit paper from an auto store. give it 3 or 4 light coats with 15 minutes between each one. remember to mask all the holes. if you hold your can too close it’ll cause drips, too far and it’ll leave a dusty finish. i think i remember 10 inches is ideal… its on the can.

k. maybe that AND the fusion will work great.

whenever i read the topic, i expect a thread about wheels. krylon fusion sounds like a road wheel. right? anyone?

krylon reminds me of krypton skateboard wheels, if anything

a 700c fusion rim wrapped in 85a urethane?

I’ve got some 400 grit at home, Francis. You can have it but I’m gonna need to borrow your lock ring tool.

i used krylon fusion on my brother’s aerospok. worked great on that and the solid Zipp rear.

Your brother has an arrosp0k!? Which brother?

Dominik, actually it’s mine i just let him borrow it. It can be used on front or rear. I also have a zip solid disc. I’m going to ebay them soon.

Hah, nice. I’m trying to remember their names but I can’t. Is Dominik the one with the sick ass trials bike?

you should read the thread Mike’s guide to bike painting. it will be more detail then you want but might help you get thte best job you can for what you want to do

Hah, nice. I’m trying to remember their names but I can’t. Is Dominik the one with the sick ass trials bike?[/quote]

No you didn’t meet him he’s in Jamacia right now. Alex has the trials bike and Chris has the mountain bike.