Limp Brim Chat: Tarckhat 2015

So, can I start a new thread now?

It’s time for another hat!

As with the last iteration of Tarckhat, I’ll take care of the logistics including the upfront payment for production and you’ll pay me. David will handle design with your highly valued input. He gets a free hat, same as last time.

I liked my hat from last year but I’m open to suggestions on vendor. Cost is dependent on vendor but will include postage + materials + a small additional amount so I can cover costs for sending to Australia and Europe.

The first step is to agree on a design, so go ahead and give David your ideas. He has last word on the design.


rando can we get an mspaint draft of your mad idea?

edit: I assume you know who you are

edit2: lol


except possible gang affiliations

who made the hat from last year?


Walz if I recall correctly

Winter hat this time?

except possible gang affiliations[/quote]

other hat makers:
double darn

last time was camo, cuz camo was hot.
now prints are hot.
patterned print of bear, bee, tarck, :colbert: , dick jars ect?

[quote=lukasz]rando can we get an mspaint draft of your mad idea?

edit: I assume you know who you are

edit2: lol[/quote]
Lol, I was just teasing ferg. Def not in for toile. Well maybe now that I think about a tarck toile. Something that looks like a normal scene at a glance but up close each is a cleverly drawn scenique containing objet d’tarck. The action is what sells these so it would have to be exquisite.

The color blades and fade could be troublesome cost and otherwise. I’ll think about how to incorporate it into a limp brim and post some crude mockups if I feel strongly.

I agree the plastic stiffeners are no bueno. I have made a few caps using thick interfacing. You can make a pretty stiff brim that is still flexible enough to resist damage.

Tarck brim should be springy for optimal planing.

Tarck toile would be magnificent.

I wish I had art skills

I prefer the non-limp brim, but can be flexible. Double Darn is great, but probably a bit $$ for this kind of thing. Walz is fine, but can we get normal cotton material instead of that weird nylon/poly/whatever material?

I like the sizing and price with waltz caps. My double darn soft like kitten hat is too damn small.

Yo, the rothera caps are a good middle ground ATMO, the brim is stiff but more chub then ham and the organic cotton is thin rather than freedom thicknessway.

I’ll go with whomever–Walz is $12.50 per cap for 50+, Rothera is $17.50.

[quote=fergs]Tarck toile would be magnificent.

I wish I had art skills[/quote]