Lock Fight!

i need a new lock, i’m going to be in an actual city this summer.
i figure that this thread will make about as much sense as the Bar Fight thread, but i’m interested to see what everyone’s using. i’m king of torn between 2 u locks and one of those bigass chain locks, or maybe an armored cable?

Kryptonite Evo Mini.

Which real city? Just get a chain lock to get the rear wheel and seat tube locked to something sturdy, and a mini u for the front wheel. Doesn’t get much better than that.

krypto that is one step bigger than the super mini

i’m going to be in DC which seems like it’s not the most theft prone city

i do this!

when you say mini u for the front wheel, are you talking about locking the wheel to the downtube?

Exactly. It is also possible to get a chain lock long enough to get both wheels when locking to certain things, but it can really limit your locking options, especially if you don’t ride a smaller frame.

i was thinking that i would stay away from 2 u locks, b/c i don’t know what i’ll be locking to. would be fine if there are bike racks all over, but not so great for trees/parking meters/whatevers

if you use two u locks make sure one is full sized

if you live with us, i can let you borrow one of my ulocks

It depends entirely on what area you are in. I’ve been in neighborhoods where you could use a twisty tie to hold your bike to something and it wouldn’t get stolen.

If you plan on locking up at a metro station, U-lock and cable lock combo works fine. Bike thieves scope out metro stops, especially up in the college park area.

littlebear the philanthropist

i actually found a place in Mt. Rainier that’s a little bigger and a little cheaper. but i’ll come hang out with youse guys!

i think i’m going for this look, maybe with a chain or cable instead.

any opinions on this onguard lock? looks like it might be a little lighter than a chain

I’ve got the Krypto Series 2 Mini, which gives just a bit more space than the evo. I’ve never felt the need to use a cable, but I s’pose it’d be a good idea if one’s going to be locking up in highly populated areas for long periods of time.

i have some 25 dollar krypto chain that i had cut down just long enough to fit around the rear wheel and frame on all of my bikes. I use that and a bulldog mini.

I use a u-lock with a lighter cable for the front wheel. I guess I buy the “make them have two kinds of tools” argument.

I use a bulldog mini and a krypto chain.
Both are excellent. If I was moving to a big city, I would buy a bigger chain like that krypto one with the big ring to lock the rear triangle and then into a U around a post.

The number of ulocks you guys use made me feel like a confused little country mouse. It never occurred to me to use more than lock at a time.