Lock Fight!

carrying two locks is inconvenient, but not nearly as inconvenient as carrying your bike home without a front wheel.

i actually found a place in Mt. Rainier that’s a little bigger and a little cheaper. but i’ll come hang out with youse guys![/quote]

now you have to live in maryland! just let usknow when you get down here!

The number of ulocks you guys use made me feel like a confused little country mouse. It never occurred to me to use more than lock at a time.[/quote]
i usually just use my mini u-lock, but nate will use more than one on his fancy bikes. i have never had a problem, but i also don’t have a super nice bike.

I have a chain and a mini evo. I’m thinking about getting another mini instead of the chain. On my party foul I usually just lock the rear wheel because the front is bolted on and kind of bad, but I worry about it. And that’s mostly because the chain is a hassle to carry. On my Cross Check I used the chain and U lock because I have a rack to carry the chain (I’m too fat to get the chain around my waist). On my party foul I have enough room to get the lock through the rear wheel and the rear triangle and a street sign post, which is probably going to be your best bet for city locking.

Any decent ulock that secures both ends of the shackle to the cylinder will work fine. My OnGuard PitBull mini has worked perfectly for me, and has held up though two winters of daily use with minimal maintenance. Some locks come with cables that fit around the shackle of the ulock for securing a front wheel.

I use a krypto mini through the rear triangle and spokes plus a ~1cm thick krypto chain through the front wheel, but neither of my wheels are QR. I haven’t really seen anything more than a u-lock or u-lock+cable in the city.

I had a bulldog mini and currently have a krypto evo. the krypto is super beefy and I use it with a seat leash to put through my front wheel

smart man

smart man[/quote]
it’s the perfect size. back pocket small but big enough for downtube, pole and wheel.

I usually only use my Evo but I also have a Kryptoflex. If I need to lock up my wheels the flex comes out. Its nice and only like 12bux retail.

I did this when i was in chicago and added a the thiner cable for my seat after that got stolen.

also i will give a thumbs up for the onguard after seeing a friends cut through but keeping the bike secure.

my post should have said “~1cm krypto cable”, not chain.

I have a Mini Evo and locking skewers for my front wheels.

I’m worried about people stealing my saddle most of the time I leave my bike anywhere for an extended period of time. I did the bike chain w/ cloth sewed around it from the rails to frame for a little while, but shit got annoying

I have a kryto NYC chain that I leave locked to a rack on campus, and an onguard bulldog mini that I carry around. Campus is the most theft-prone place I leave my bike, so I leave the chain there. I don’t think I would use the chain if I couldn’t leave it- that shit sucks to carry around. It weighs almost 10 pounds, and it’s awkward to put in a bag. Also, I crashed while I was wearing it like a bandolier and I got some bruising on the ribcage. Don’t wear your chain.

One Ulock that can get around most things is really all you need. I really don’t think two locks are necessary unless you are locking up overnight or something. If you feel you need to lock both wheels, go with a long Krypto chain, that should get around both wheels, the frame and whatever you are locking to (protip, tree is not an ideal lockup).

Put allen bolts on at least one of your wheels and stuff them with aluminum foil. I do this and my friends ask me what the hell is in my bolts. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a good deterrent. Most thieves take a bike/parts in less than a minute/30 seconds. It’s a bitch getting the foil out and takes a minimum of 15 seconds for each bolt. You need a pin pen to get the foil out to stick a allen key in there.

Fixed it

Well, tbird, I mean spokez come with allen bolts. Can you put those on a regular axle?

I want to make seven sided nuts. Only problem is you’d need to carry your own wrench everywhere.
Some company makes lugnuts like that. Pretty smart idea

All sorts of companies make all sorts of crazy locking lug nuts.

And then the dumbass people who put them on their car with cheap, shitty wheels always lose the key and I have to spend a couple minutes hammering them off their car when they come to my work.

i lost the key for mine one time. so i removed the other three lugnuts, and drove the car till the wheel stud broke off. then my car overheated, and it was raining, and it was 2am, and i was in a tuxedo. real talk

[quote=GRHebard]Well, tbird, I mean spokez come with allen bolts. Can you put those on a regular axle?

I want to make seven sided nuts. Only problem is you’d need to carry your own wrench everywhere.
Some company makes lugnuts like that. Pretty smart idea[/quote]
theres a company that makes custom seat bolts for honda s2000’s. they ONLY sell them to s2k owners. you have to have proof of ownership before they will sell them.