lockup buddies

god dammit

locked up by GTB for class

between a bareknuckle and a pista concept

roll call:

two risers, one deda track drop
two thomson stems, two thomson posts, one campy aero post
six deepv rims - one purple, one black, four silver
four phil hubs
no brakes


edit/p.s.: gtfo with your gears, rando, audax, touring, cross, basket bikes, gears, whatever, we’re still rubbing/rocking track bikes 4 lyf

p.p.s.: dammit

Thank you?


good thread

went to bank, locked to a handrail next to a wal-mart full suspension MAGNA or MAGMA or SMEGMA or whatever

will keep you guize updated as to further developments

I bet the wal-mart bike see more miles then the bareknuckle and a pista concept combined.

You realize that its not usual to see that many bikes locked in other cities, that you life in one of the most bike friends states in the country, and that you should consider your self lucky right?

is English your first language?

i fucking hate locking up in chicago because I have to be reminded of most jackass Chicago bikes.

is English your first language?[/quote]

Damn. I’d usually be embarrassed to be caught having written something that poorly. Retaining a post-ride pee can really cause one to rush at times.

Edit - Also, that was very sassy of you. And yeah, I lol’d at myself too.

it had me laughing so, it was worth it.

omg i thought i might be retarded when i was reading that. good to know it wasn’t me.

i read it 4 times before realizing that it wasn’t just me


you articulated yourself well R.J., it was all spelled correctly and expressed with the confidence of a scholar. How could one not be fooled?

RJ do not be to hard on yourself. I think 50% of my post read like that. On a related note, Tarck I am sorry for constantly writing like I have to pee.


maybe you guise should also be butt buddies

i locked up next to some bikes. some fixy dude was locking up when i leaving. he say “wow those are nice bikes. you like?” i say “yeah it work good.”
then i’m leaving and some girl runs up to ask me what my bag is called. i say “oh…it’s called a pannier bag let make out.”

once it cools off i might start riding track bike again. or maybe i’ll just sell it.

All the tarckass bikes here are cheapass conversions or tarcked the fuck out with origin8 parts, oh and deeeep veees