LONG GONE - Alley cat race, may 9th providence


Ok, in just a minute, a bunch of people are gonna jump all over this shit and get all pissy about you promoting your race on here without even introducing yourself or adding any useful content. They are a bunch of whiney losers. I think it’s cool that you want to let us know about shit going down in the community. It would be cool though he you hung around and didn’t just piss off when the race was done. Who knows, you might like the place.

Agree. thanks for the race info.

I’m almost sure the dude is already gone. LONG GONE, if you will. Doesn’t bother me too much.

I know some of the dudes. Cool dudes, strong riders, mess in the 90s etc etc…

That guy rides pretty close to the stem.

Wah wah don’t post bike events if we don’t know you spammer. But for cereal. Do you have a sn that is one letter off from Powered by peen(is)?

Are bike related events really spam? I mean, maybe if they were promoting a MASH video or something, but I don’t think people actually make money for themselves off of alleycats. Or, if they are, then I’ve been seriously missing the bus. I generally lose money on my races. And if I do intend to make money, it all goes toward a CoOp or something. I wouldn’t want to be in a race that someone is pocketing the money from.

pssst I was joking.


close enough, but i dont know my way around providence

his username is powered by peanutbutter. drupal just cuts it off in the author pane.

  1. This isn’t an alleycat.

  2. Inviting the Internet to your illegal street race is irresponsible.

This is quiet possibly the worst experience I’ve ever had on a message board. I don’t use them often since i like to spend my time on my bike instead of talking about it. I was told that posting on this forum would be a good idea by a friend, I guess not. From what has been said I’m not interested in having anyone from this board come out for the race and you aren’t interested in participating. That’s fine.
I am not making money off of this nor is that my intent. the only thing I hope for is that people come out and have a good time riding their bike. I’m also confused about the comment about posting races on message board. Maybe I’m wrong but I think almost every race ends up getting posted somewhere these days.

I’m not interested in a form of communication (i.e. this message board) that seems to be built on breaking people down instead of bringing them together. Enjoy your your space, I’ll never bother you again.

See, thats why I wanted to make the first post. PbP, I told you this would happen and not to let it rub you the wrong way. some of the people here are jerks, most people are cool. It is nice though if someone decides to introduce themselves to a community before trying to promote their stuff. I understand that you’re not making any money off of it. I never thought you were. I was just saying that it would be annoying if people were using alleycats as a way to make money for themselves.

Also, you have to remember that, while most of us are cool, we did get kicked out of Bike Forums for being too judgmental and opinionated. If you don’t mind hanging around a bunch of people who practice light hazing and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think (justified or not), then this is the place for you. I sure find it a lot more fun than other boards. Maybe there’s not so much actual information being passed on, but like most other people on here, I know all there is to know about bikes, so I’m not really interested in the knowledge that other people think they have.

I don’t mind you posting your race, but you are a little thin skinned. I think there are only one or two comments that could be construed as truly negative. If this is the worst experience you have ever had on a message board you are very new to the internet.

what barba said. wth? I think the ONLY comment so far that could’ve been taken as negative was mine and it was clearly sarcastic. I started the post with ‘wah wah’ for fuck’s sake. I’m fine with people posting rides and races, but dude might want to find a sense of humor before he braves the internetz again.

Damn, that sucks man. I’ll keep an eye out on Craigslist up here, but I doubt it would make it this far.

^^^ wrong thread?

I’m almost definitely going to this:

Last year there was dudes from NYC and Boston and a dude from B-more won. International and shit.
y’all should come out.

p. sure you guys just got trolled. hth