Luxos U Warranty Chat


[quote=dotMR]Search is giving me none of it. Has anyone tried the IQ-XS?

Ordering a light for DayNightRuiner and it’s not much more than Cyo Premium. Metal housing and mounting seems like a +[/quote]

Stopped at a friend’s shop here last week and pretty sure mount is indeed plastic. He didn’t have it wired up yet though so didn’t see pattern.


So my brand new Shutter Precision hub is bad out of the box. Sounds like a rear hub, noticeable drag. I hope the company is around long enough so I can warranty it.


Do we know if they are going out of business or not?


Didn’t hear anything about going out of business.


[quote=NOVELTYNAME]Anker PowerCore 500

Get one of these. $15, will last for 300 charges (or more). Less fussy than anything on the market rn

Edit:I have the 3340mah and I get 2-3 full phone charges[/quote]
One time a security guy at a concert venue found my PAX and when he asked what it was I told him it was one of these battery things and he gave it back and then I was free to get stoned in the venue lol.


[quote=Lippy]So my brand new Shutter Precision hub is bad out of the box. Sounds like a rear hub, noticeable drag. I hope the company is around long enough so I can warranty it.

[/quote] Wow this really sucks.


My SP dyno has 13,000 trouble free miles, but I’m pretty nervous about it going bad. Maybe I should replace it since my front rims are a few hundred from retirement anyways…


Did a largish hub order in March. They said a few things would be out of stock until early May so I waited to PayPal until their promised date for restock. Hubs showed up at the shop 6 days later.

Nothing during communication that hinted at any issue.


Also, Lippy did you wire it and ride yet? I have had a few that seemed sluggish at first but broke in within a few minutes of riding. Was weird.


There was some buzz on here a while back about SP having trouble at the factory which is how the Kasai stuff came to be. Who knows. I know shit happens, but that hub shouldn’t have left the factory if there was one QA step performed on it.

I did ride it for about 100 miles and it never broke in. I started to wonder about it as it seemed like the bike was descending slower on my usual rides. I know there supposed to be notchy and all that, but a hard spin with my hand can only get the wheel rotating for about 3 seconds. I have an older SP and the using the same scientific test the wheel would spin for more than 10 seconds and then settle back into the notch between the magnet poles. The dynamo should also be silent for the most part, mine sounds like a star ratchet hub.


I get maybe 4-5 turns out of mine when spinning with lights on.


Yeah recap:

Shorts heard from Merry Sales bros that SP was in trouble.

I asked SP about Kasai and they basically said SP switched factories for their hubshells and their old factory went full yolo and kept making hubs. Merry Sales switched allegiances and BTI picked up SP.

SP is still producing and shipping hubs.

Which story makes more sense?


That’s about what I heard too.


Nice weather means everyone is riding their dumb, poorly set up bikes. This cross check also had a jones h-bar with hamburger squeaker on it.


Was tempted to leave a note helping rider understand how their expensive German lights are supposed to work but I realized quickly I just didn’t give a shit.



I was just today explaining Lemongrab to confused coworkers.


Shimano lego works with SP hubs, correct?