Luxos U Warranty Chat


Retrofittable with “coaxial adapter”?


They sell an adapter. Looks like the primary purpose is to allow easy splitting of the current for lights and gadgets.


yes, that female socket in the picture slides onto the hub spades


[quote=Lippy]So my brand new Shutter Precision hub is bad out of the box. Sounds like a rear hub, noticeable drag. I hope the company is around long enough so I can warranty it.


I noticed that mine makes this noise too. I doesn’t right away, only after riding for a bit. Didn’t notice at road noise levels, but heard it riding through a trail. Now I know what to listen for it’s there.


try tightening the skewer?


My hub had noticeable drag. The drag was evident when comparing to the other SP hub that I own, as well as when riding. I was hitting the corners and lower speeds than with the other bike. I could hear the hub at very low speeds on the road. You should get a good 10+ revolutions when spinning the wheel by hand and the hub should settle back into the notches between the magnets. I could only get ~3 revolutions when spinning the defective hub and it wouldn’t settle back.


How did the warranty process work out for you?

Can’t tighten skewer, it’s thru axle.


[quote=ergott]How did the warranty process work out for you?

Can’t tighten skewer, it’s thru axle.[/quote]

The seller handled it professionally, didn’t have to deal with SP at all. They gave full credit towards a SON hub. More $ but I don’t want to deal with another unlace/wheebuild cycle if the next dynamo is a turd.



I purchased direct. Not looking forward to process


it’s pretty easy

especially compared to Schmidt

but both require unbuilding your wheel


thread lives up to its title


yes the sp warranty replacement process is very easy and informal. send email, maybe follow up with a phone video if he asks, and he will ship you another right away.

Source: i have been through it twice.


Source: i have been through it twice.[/quote]
dude no why
why would you do this to yourself
2 warranties and im done forever


I have a rough/slow SP hub too and based on the Tarck sample size I’m wondering if I should even bother with a warranty or just relegate it to a commuter.


Yeah, you guys are putting me off even the thought of using that golfball SP.


Thing is, I have 15mm fork and prefer centerlock rotors.


I have several SP hubs and have never had a problem with any of them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If you’re running QR I’m not sure you wouldn’t just buy Shimano. I have a SP hub that keeps going. The second one I bought should have never left the factory, a hand spin by a technician would have caught it. I don’t think the necessary quality control is in place, so you might get a bad one.


I’ve got one SP hub that’s going strong after many thousands of kms. This is a qr, rim brake version.

Had a QR centrelock version that started making a weird ticking noise after a few thousand kms. Nothing else seemed to be affected, still spins fine, still produces power, just makes an annoying tick on every revolution. Had a new wheel built with a Shimano hub, I expect this to last forever, at a cost of 100 grams or so over the SP. SP hub will go onto shopping bike at some point.

So yeah, my gut instinct is to go Shimano if you can. There must be millions of them out in the field, and I can’t recall hearing of a failure that wasn’t associated with them just wearing out.


I have the standard Shimano on my Cilo, it already weighs a ton and I wanted forever-proof. I was hoping the light SP would be fine for the Telekom, and maybe it is? I’ve been using and old front wheel on it and waiting to build something with a matching rim. So… I dunno.

I just never want to use battery or USB lights again. I could just put lights on it and swap the Shimano wheel in or something.