Metal or plastic toe clips

Which do you guys prefer? I had cheap plastic ones when I first started riding, then got the MKS single-gate clips, and now have the Soma Oppy quad-gates. I’ve been seeing pics of the plastic Starfuckers clips, and a few others that are pretty attractive looking, and starting to wonder about maybe going back to the plastic ones. I like the look of some of the plastic ones, and it might sound dumb, but I also hate that sound the metal ones make if I scrape them while riding on the underside of the pedals, and would probably be less worried about scraping up plastic ones.

If you’re really worried about scraping up your toeclip, you’ve got problems.

I’m not really, it’s just one of those back of my mind OCD things.

Are there comfort differences between them?

What about durability? I know that when I was riding with the plastic ones, I ripped the mounting surface apart from the pedal while skidding once.

dont ride on the underside of your pedals

I don’t for distances, just like when I’m practicing trackstanding, small tricks, riding backwards, etc.

My own reasons might be dumb. I’m just wondering which people prefer more.

I had plastic clips when I got my first bike. Then I broke one. I won’t ever ride that shit again unless I have to.

And having scraped up steel toe clips is like having dirty white bar tape. It proves you actually ride your bike.

That’s true. Seems like metal ones are definitely the choice for durability. I really like my Somas.

I use plastic clips in the winter because I ride with an old pair of new balance 574’s that do a good job of blocking wind and water and shit. Plastic clips are usually thicker/bigger so they are good for those style shoes.

Metal clips are used for the thinner shoes when the weather is nice.

Not necessarily the fanciest explanation, but it’s what I do.

I think plastic clips are ugly.

I use metal mostly cause I think it looks better than plastic and I just feel a little bit more secure with them (though that’s probably all in my head). I scrape them up when I ride on the underside of my pedals so I just try not to do that too often. It’s really not an issue except in turns anyway so I can usually avoid it if I’m careful.

i prefer metal. i feel like i can get them tighter than plastic/MTB clips

i don’t really have a reason, just that i prefer the way they feel.

metal ones scrape when you ride on the underside of pedals, plastic ones break

Plastic is cheap and have never had an issue in two years of riding.

What brand are you using? I think the reason I pulled mine off of the pedal while I was skidding is because I didn’t have washers or anything behind the nuts when I mounted them, so they just ripped through the mounting holes.

i got some metal cages $5, they are scraped pretty good so far.

I’ve broken metal clips left and right and finally went to plastic and glad I did. I’ve had cheap and Soma single gate, the $40 Soma quads and the $25/$30 Soma quad rip offs. Broken all of them. Although I probably spend more time in the saddle than most people, it just wasn’t financially sane to keep spending money on steel/quad gate steel when you don’t need quad gate to keep your foot secure.

I’ve been rockin a pair of the the $10 Sunlite dual gate clips since November or so. The outer gate on both are cracked but they still keep the strap in place so there was no need to change them. I use those along with the $20 leather dual straps and I’m fine. After a few rain days the leather is pretty much stretched out, but still usable.

I’m about to go clipless, one of the many reasons being because I like to put power on the upstroke and with clips/straps it’s annoying to have your foot float before pulling up.

I feel stupid for spending what I have on steel clips. I wouldn’t ever pay the money people pay for steel clips, and steel clips with leather on the ends to keep your kicks lookin nice long with Toshi or whatever high quality straps there are. You can spend the same amount of money or less on a clipless set up.

Fuck that, if you’re riding on the street you don’t need Toshi/Soma Quad/Track pedals.

I actually was riding a friends bike, he does tarck tircks and has BMX platforms, plastic clips and double leather straps. My foot felt super comfy and really secure.

My biggest problem with plastic is that it isn’t as stiff. I’ve accidentally stepped on the clip and had it get stuck closed in the pedal, and there’s nothing you can really do but reach down and pull it back open, which is a huge pain in the ass.

IMHO, clips are mostly just for short rides and fashion, so choose whatever looks nice. They’re great if you just want to jump on your bike and take a spin, but if you’re putting in serious mileage, get a clipless setup.

Plastic have always been more comfortable in my opinion but definitely flex more.