Mid West/East Coast Bike Tour

So other folks have started posting about the bike tours they are doing, so I decided to post what my route is going to be. I will update the thread periodically with pictures and stories. When I get to a town that a tacker is at, I’d like to crash for a few days, or whatever works for you. I can camp in backyards as well.

For now, this is the route that I will be taking. It can be altered, but I am going to try and hold course throughout the tour. Once I hit middle TN (around Christmas) I will hang out and chill with some family there for a bit. So I have a time line for the most part, being in TN for Christmas.

When I do get to any city that tarckers are at, if you’d like to ride with me for a bit (as long as you want to ride) then I’m going to be down for that.

I will post pics of rig and gear in the next week or so.

Sweet! Hollar at me when you hit Chi!

will do, beers and good times will be had

I’d suggest that free beer isn’t an issue in Chicago for the touring cyclist.

Holy shit. That’s an epic tour. I assume you’re bringing gears?

Same for Milwaukee - PM me, I could probably let you crash at my place for a night or at least ride partway with ya.

bring a water bottle!

or ten. How many does the salsa hold? I’m thinking 6.

Beers I don’t think will be a problem. Gonna be doing a sober thing until I meet up with folks.

Gears are for pussies…

And the Fargo holds six bottles (or at least has the bosses) but the tubus duo kind of takes the ones out on the fork.

Again will post pics soon…

I’m like a giddy little school girl with this tour …

So here is the blog that I will be posting pictures in and the stats from the Garmin. Had some delays starting the tour. It is no fun having to take the kitty to the vet for stitches. will be posting pics of the fargo soon.

Can’t wait to see you, buddy!

Me too!! Gonna be fucking rad. When I get to fort worth, I’ll be chilling there for about a week, then try to get out of the heat fucking as quick as possible. I figure I should be up there within a month and a half from now.

Slowest bike tour ever.


fuck you Jim, I leave at 6am tomorrow, after getting a coffee at progress, if you want to ride!

and my kitty is just as important, if not more than the tour :colbert:

regardless, was good seeing you at the brixton the other day

Dude, I have a job.

Best of luck though man, I bet you’ll have a blast.

Apparently Les had a pretty decent first day. 75 or so miles? He should be in Fort Worth by Saturday.

you’ll be passing through my area in chippewa falls/eau claire wisconsin. let me know if you need a place to stay or anything. i do work at the bike shop in chippewa falls if you need bike work, etc. or if you just want to hang out.

Added blog to google reader

new blog post, to lazy/tired to link pictures… just go read and see

edit: cause after a bit of sleep, I feel like I can be more… producing

first stop of day one

small town square

saw these guys just hanging out in a front yard

yes I know I was riding with no helmet, but it was early, and I was on a farm road, and my hair is to fucking thick to be wearing it all the time… AYHSMB :colbert:

and the sunrise

I also doubt that I take a bunch more pictures, while in TX, cause theres really not to much to see… unless you like dead grass and fields of crops