Mig muses on 2 wheels

in all fairness, sometimes the thing is printed off center

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maybe he knows your right shoulder is slightly wider


Front f/f, rear wheel, handlebars, rear frame, front wheel.

DT hubs or a rear wheel with a removable cassette body would be real helpful.


Ok, there is a frame from a famous builder for sale. This frame has a broken QR dropout. On a scale of 1 to jackass, what is the opinion on buying the frame and swapping the dropouts for TA disc? And would this be “good money after bad”

How much is the frame going for?


Who is the builder?


Ignoring “value”, I think it’s fine, not JA at all. It’s like having track ends brazed on, which I also support. There are plenty of bikes to go around, you’re not ruining some precious object.




Do it. And if you have a certain local frame(re)builder do the mods they’ve got another frame of yours that’s been lying around in their bike mess that they’d love to release from bike prison

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Fun read


Let’s chat travel bikes

Get me into which crankset has a drive side that can be removed without ‘resetting’ the preload

Is there a road version of the splined sram? That’s one tool on and off and solid

driveside separate from spindle?

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That would be preferred because the chainring/arm can get in the way.

Isn’t that ISIS you’re talking about?

Setting the preload on a dub crankset is trivial at worst. Same with Shimano but you do need a special tool.

The aluminum dub crank bolt do be getting stuck pretty good sometimes though, get the steel bolt and you’re good.

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a pair of allen wrenches together fit well enough in the plastic hole to turn it at the normal preload torque, I’ve also used the handle of a fork or in the newer hollow style just a stick from the side of the road

but if you’re doing a travel bike thing just buy an aftermarket chinese aluminum m20 bolt that’s anodized in a matchy color, and takes a normal 6mm or 8mm allen wrench


Shimano road wet brakes in 8100 ultegra flavor:

How are the calipers vs the good mtb calipers?

Does the brake hose have a banjo?

Any common failures on any of the di2 bits?

they moved from 22mm diameter pistons on the 11-speed 105/Ult/DA calipers to back to 21mm diameter pistons on the calipers associated with the 12-speed road groups. That’s the same as Deore and below. SLX and above have 22mm pistons and will be more “powerful” but might have excessive stroke on 12-speed road levers.

no banjo at the caliper.