Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

Tell me what you guys think about their frames. The new one coming out looks pretty sharp.

They’re really aiming for the trick riding market. If thats your thing then go for it.


So if it’s designed for tricks is it bad for other things?

Yeah probably. They gusseted it by the head tube for strength after slams, and Prolly said it can barspin with a front brake on, so your geo will probably be pretty whack for regular riding.

That’s not necessarily so. I have a Brooklyn that rides just fine as a street bike. It’s not hard to make a decent riding bike that can do barspins if the frame and fork are designed to work together to that end.

Yeah. I’ve been in your shop. You’ve got some great stuff. I had considered a BMW before but I’m not sure really the best frame to choose. Something beefy or something more delicate.

Well besides the gusset and the fork the Milwaukee really doesn’t look any more beefy than a Steamroller. Besides… I have seen plenty of broken bikes with gussets like that. There is a Redline Monocog with a crack by the gusset weld in my shop right now.

give it to meeeeeeee

note: i have zero money

I’ll probably just come by your shop in the next week or so and talk to you. I’d rather buy a bike from you than some factory on the internet. My names Andrew and I’ll say I’m from the forums.

EDIT: You should give me the cracked bike. I need it much much much worse.

Neither one of you want it. The crack split in two directions and a VERY sharp triangle shaped section of the tube curled back and not points out off the surface of the tube. Bad news bears.

whoa. that bike got straight up fucked.

I saw jake has an older green monocog just laying in his kitchen. I should ask him about it cause he’s about my size.

I feel like I still want it. Is it fixable with a bit of welding? Especially if you’re just throwing it away and not using it.

my IF has a down/headtube gusset for the same reason and i am pleased by it.

I’m pretty sure this will be fine for regular riding… not on the same level as traditional geometry, but probably nothing too crazy.

Not fixable. Not even close.

Haha then I guess I’ll be spending lots of money on a new frame after I get my birthday cash. I’ll be by soon man.

Not fixable. Not even close.[/quote]

s’posed to cut these things up into little bits to keep the kids from dumpster diving it and killing themselves.

And when the warranty frame comes and the parts are stripped I assure you it will be.

… with a gyro?


you should still give it to me for butchering purposes. I could use the tubing for a project.

edit: actually the tubing up front sounds shot but the rear triangle could be quite useful.