MTB Race, 2010

King of Burlingame Mountain Bike Time Trial
Charlestown, RI
Sunday, March 28, 2010

This will be my third year. Last year I was six minutes faster then the year before.

This year I just hope I’m not DFL.


Stewart State Forest, New Windsor, NY
Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m be back this year reppin teh CONS TANT krew

Kewl! this thread is relevant to my interests.


I’m gonna do some Short Track racing this year, either on my SS 29er or CX bike. Can’t wait.


Stewart State Forest, New Windsor, NY
Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m be back this year reppin teh CONS TANT krew[/quote]
this is super close to me, sounds like a cool event to kick at.

I’m too skinnysmall to do SS races. I do cross on an SS 26 mtb that was finally fixed. Original shop insisted I use the wrong size chain with it and i kept having problems that I thought were due to frame flex.

at any rate, I have my FS 26’er that I will be only using for fun days out on the trails after I get my Niner Air9 built for to race with

[quote=Fat Al Lighting][quote=DaddyBear]Singlespeed-a-polooza

Stewart State Forest, New Windsor, NY
Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m be back this year reppin teh CONS TANT krew[/quote]
this is super close to me, sounds like a cool event to kick at.[/quote]

Me last year spinning 32/18, setting up for the corner into the single track

Its a relatively flat, non techie course with a Keg at the halfway point. ( this is where I make time on most)


Any Ohioans or anyone else racing the OMBC?

I raced last year and scored 2 wins in Novice and finished 4th in the series. Upgrading to Sport senior this year. I’m looking forward to getting my ass kicked.

I will more than likely also do the Mohican metric century race for fun.

Dialing in the XC machine.

Changed all cables and housings.

Put the wheels in the truing stand and admired my work. They’re still true. Swapped the rear Stans Crow for a 2.1 Nobby Nic. Running a 2.25 Nobby Nic up front. Non UST but running tubeless with Stan’s sealant.

Two more weeks till my first race of the season.

Bike is good.

I’m still fat.

First race so soon? Trails won’t be sorta dry here for another month!

This will be my third year doing this race. Most of the course is well drained hard pack fire road. Long bridges through the swampy areas, and one long Roky muddy uphill grind at the end.

Not quite.

Dmoto! Ride report plz?

I borrowed a friends new mtb, I havent been on one for a few years…
The race was only ~10 miles long, a few decent climbs… some REALLY fun descents… it was out in the desert, sweet rock/sand collabo.

I started near the front, passed everyone in the first couple hundred yards, then caught the cat2’s that started a few minutes before… I wasnt really sure how to pace it because it felt so different from a road race… I got a kick ass side-ache about 30 minutes in and had to tone it down. a few people passed me but I couldnt tell if they were cat2 or cat 3. The rest of the race I just went as hard as possible… passed a few people here and there and saw the finish about a quarter mile ahead and started mashing the pedals…

I ended up 8th in the cat3 overall out of 60… and won my age group (20-29).
I was 10 minutes behind the kid that won, he was in under 14… crazy.

Now I want to buy a mtb… it was really fun.

1st race of the year today. Camp Hilbert. I raced the sport category with my single-speed. Fast and flowing… but VERY rooty. One 6 mile lap in my back was already seized up. By the third lap I could really only put power on the pedals if I was standing. Felt great except for my back. Very disappointing. Just got back from the sporting goods store with one of those balance balls for doing core work.

Skipping the gym for the past 2 seasons didn’t create any issues on the road but it became VERY clear that I need to work on my core in a big way if I want the rest of the season to go any better.

^ I know how that is. When I put in my first MTB ride this year after ~month of road rides the only parts of me that were really hurting were above my waist.

I REALLY need a mtb now… and I happen to be BROKE.


Singlespeed rigid: Cheap and could be fun
Singlespeed w/ fork: Still cheap
This bike:
I could always add a cassette out back…

Or a full on 29’r hardtail with xt or something…

PS. Is singlespeed fun to race? I NEEDED gears quite a few times on the course last week… like long drawn out steep climbing in the granny gear… do you just walk the long climbs? I rode my ss cross bike out on the trails and was fine most of the time… but tis painful.

selling my blur LT on craigslist Houston.

turns out the reason i never liked it is I should be riding a large.

At any rate, I’m riding a hardtail now. :o

Dylan, for me, SS rigid works better for climbing in a gear that’s to high. Can work the bars without all that squish.

46", 32/18 gives me a nice high cadence spin on the flats and I can grind through moderate rolling New England single track.

Riding fixed, I’ve spun into plaid spinning down hill.

The bike is silly on pave.