NAHBS 2012. Who's going?

I’ll be there. Would be cool to meet some of you guys. Does this thread exist already? Also, how much are tickets?

I’ll be there, booth 631.

Awesome, I’ll come say hi. It will be rad to see your work in person.

I’ll be there.

I’d like to try and make it.

Mr. Bear is going to have to give me a ride.

I’ll be the big guy in the kilt with the horrible typefaces.

Lol. Confiscatin all the cameras, harassin all the judges

I’ll be there, man

Where is it this year?

Sacramento convention center

I don’t know anybody in Sacto. My boy Will and I are flying out with tarckbikes and will need cool stuff to do. I’ve saved some talk from vsalon about what to do on town, and Rapha usually puts on a nice gentlemans ride - don’t worry stem will be slamt - but if anybody wants to chill COMEATMEBRO

bring mtb. ride auburn.

i’d like to make it. when is it?

March 2-4

50 tarcks to anyone who asks e-Ritchie why he no have new Schrams.

this times a million
please tape it incognito.

i would do it
for the lulz

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