NAHBS 2018

Haven’t been on tarck in a while… anyone gonna be there this weekend?

Planning on Saturday day trip.

this is still a thing?

Nice! I’ll be there Friday and Saturday.

going Sun

Trade shows are basically indestructable once established.

I’m going Saturday. Tarck up?

Same weekend different region: anyone else going to Frostbike? I know this is a stupid thread but it seems to make as much sense as any other thread.

Yeah let’s do it!

gonna be there saturday with a small crew of dum dums and at least one dog

I was at the show today, was pretty interesting. Met some nice folks and talked about bikes.

I’ll keep an eye out for you guys.

I’ll be wearing a hat with this on it. (beer so you might have to click age thing)

man of substance in a grey Nike ACG windbreaker, black jeans, and some yellow adidas

and of course my Endpoint tshirt

I saw Rauce and Ray. Can’t find poopi. Found poopi! Didn’t find Lukasz or Ergott.

Sup rauce. Yeah bummer that’s I missed all y’all other folks. Totally overwhelming and tiring.

Nice show, didn’t see any Tarck not for lack of trying. Did see a bunch of people I wanted to catch up with. Didn’t take a lot of pics, ended up rushing through later on to beat the weather and catch the ferry. Sorry about the watermark, forgot I checked it and I’m tired.

That made me throw up in my mouth a little.

if anyone missed it, 2018 is the year of the humpback top rod

I think that was made abundantly clear. Unfortunately.