nerdy and dull bike plans/dithering thrad 2014

I have been meaning to post this for a while. Tarck needs a place where we can post shit that makes even fellow bike nerds’ eyes glaze over, where we post our hopes and dreams for long-dormant projects and orphan parts we may eventually do something with.

On my list:

Finally get my damn Davidson frame refinished, respaced to 130, and rebuilt to replace the 20 year old and completely clapped out drivetrain.

The current plan is to steal the group for my Merckx and the wheels from the Charge for this, put a new group on the Merckx (6800?), but then that would require 11-friendly wheels which cannot be too shitty/cheap. Ugh.

Group would also have to be financed largely by the sale of another bike which I am hesitating on for no particular reason other than inertia/laziness. I think I’m partially hesitant to get started because once I make the first major commitment it’s all going to snowball.

Then there’s cross season. I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to focus on ss next year and that 2014 is going to be about fucking around with tires and seeing how cheaply I can acquire/build one or maybe two more tub wheelsets. I’ve also decided to build (and have acquired most of the parts for) a second ss bike. One of the more ridiculous bike projects I’ve taken on given my very limited racing abilities.

Also looked at longtails with wife today. Will probably ride some tomorrow. #1 goal there is to let her make the decision based on what is important to her and try not to let my own biases get in the way too much. Two bikes (one mine, one hers) would be on the chopping block to make room and a few bucks.

Also looking forward to Brompton Lyfe again. Hacking together a seatpost for more height/setback is the only planned change there.

The MTB is probably not going to get any love. I will probably ride it a few times, wish it had a suspension fork while magically not being heavier or something else considerably more awesome/expensive, then hang it back up again.

/cool story bro

i feel like there’s a copy of this thread in my brain that i’ve posted to thousands of times. super into this

Bro the weight of a squish fork is heavily outweighed by just about everything else it gives you

Boring stuff for me (coz #yoloroadbike is to come) include rebuilding the wheels currently on cannondale cross bike/gravel bike. Novatec to tb14s. I laced them up to the opposing spoke holes. Didn’t realize it when doing it and following sheldon’s page, so I proceeded as I had with previous builds (this was maybe 2nd or 3rd I did). Surprisingly no spoke failures, but it know the wheels could be stronger.

I, too, think I will focus on ss cross next year if I can race at all (job/location pending). Have contemplated selling cannondale and using endpoint if I need it. But, I can race Felt Breed in 4s and SS if I want to, though ss is better coz with 3s and longer race. Of course, I would like to finish a bit higher in 4s sometime, but this is more fitness than bike. If I did focus on ss, I could maybe, maybe justify full carbon fork or race wheels, and maybe upgrade the brakes from the shorty 4s that are on there. I figure can’t stop, won’t stop was fitting for it for now.

  1. New brake cables/housing on mountain bike (2004 Fisher Dual Sport 229) to work with longer bars.
  2. Decide if I should keep it as mountain bike or nerd out for super commuter. Commuter would be less $, to update as mountain bike I would need new wheels & crank
  3. Finish rebuilding old road bike(cannondale r500 with RSX 7 speed) Decide if I should sell it, ride it or ?
  4. Ride more. Dad life has severely cut into my time.

I need to get a new damn fork/wheel and sort out the BB7s for my MTB and ride it.

Geared cross bike is going to get the cowbells and newer 105 dangler/pusher that I bought for the road bike I thought I was going to build but instead I’m saving up for a yolo bike next year.

Cannondale is getting the 600 dangler from the Jamis above.

Pompino is getting the Ritchey curves that I bought for the aforementioned road bike and hopefully a crabon fork after I get rid of the road fork I bought of Doug for that same road project that I’m abandoning.

[]Group for the CAAD10 which has everything but the drivetrain, ride it
]Build an Archetype front to match the rear on my Foprad and set aside the TB14s for something else
[]Build up the prototype polished TB14s into track wheels and then build a track bike with 'em around an EAI Bareknuckle that I need to buy or…
]Drag my oxy/acetylene rig home from the warehouse and start brazing bike tubes into the form of a track bike.
[]Get an XT group and a yelli screamy frame to wrap around the Marz fork I already have.
]Sell all my other parts.

[]relace reare wheel of Monocog Flight to SS hub and remove shifty bits and sell
]sell Fuji Opus III frame; I need to stop trying to figure out ways to justify owning this
[]reduce inventory of used bikes by half at least, get barn set up so it’s clean/ functional/ install pegboard.
]try to move upmarket some on the used bikes, either by going smaller volume/more expensive, or painting/branding of older frames. need to talk to the spanish body shop dudes around the corner from the shop about spraying some stuff for me.
[]acquire full squish? ride mountain bikes more
]start a weekly dirt road ride out of the shop
my personal bikes are pretty well sorted at this point. with each passing kid, the likelihood of coming up with 3k for a Winter seems further and further away. most of my goals are just organization and riding more this year.

Hide your assets better Sneaky. Physical and fiscal.

i.e. Be more sneaky, Viking.

eh, it’s not so much matter of removing 3k from Peg Bundy’s prying eyes, it’s more like how can I save money to be a partner in the bike shop, so I don’t have to be working construction or working for peanuts. Or afford more child care so I can ride more. Or save for a down payment on the house.
I’d like a fancy custom frame, but it’s not really where I’m at with my life right now.

I know that feel

Thought you owned your place?

It’s complicated.

Fewer plans than ever. Feels good on the whole.
[]For sure some tires in my 2014. Thinking the Kenda SB8 SCT for my SSCX. For the road maybe some Veloflex or Grand Bois clinchers (reality: Conti GP4000S black chilis). For road tubeless maybe Bontrager TLR (reality: not unless I start working at a Trekshop).
]Would like to pimp the wheels on supwife’s touring biek, which she loves. Thinking about an XTR rear and a swappable pair of XTR/XT-dynamo front wheels so she has choice up front (reality: replacing her shitbox spokes with butted ones, which costs me nothing).
[]Need fenders on two touring bieks, the 26" above and my 700c dick trucker. Kind of hung up on this job because want Berthoud hardware with lighter fenders.
]Sell my Santa Cruz Superlight (size large, Fox 120mm, ano finish, send PMs) complete or f/f/hs cos back is fucked and spine doc says no MTB.
[*]Replace 110mm Thomson X2 on old man Ti roadbiek with partsbin 120mm Easton EA90, logo removed. First 2014 job done.

Hoo boy, what a thread.

–Before anything gets to happen, save up the 2500 bucks for my pediatrics boards exam. Pass exam. Profit.

–Obtain brakes, cranks wheels, bars, saddle (pant, pant) and seatpost for the P-29er. Actually learn to ride MTB again. This saga is covered in another thread, I believe.

–Strip down the La Raza and the Crosscheck and get them sandblasted and powdercoated. Will probably have to triage that and make the LR first priority as it is closer to actual permanent damage. Build them both back up exactly the same except consider tracking down a cheap pair of nice cantis (you know, those obsolete things they used to use on CS bikes) for the CC.

–Reroute the cabling on the Crossbow proper, probably adding some mud-resistant housing setup. Peel off the crooked-mounted tubs from the wheels I bought/stole from Frank and reglue, or possibly replace with a Grifo/Fango combination.

–Finish up my Crank Bros vs SPD taste test and possibly do some pedal trading on sw8 fixie and CX bikes.

–Build up new rear wheel for Tachyon and do some major overhauling after the snow/salt season is over.

–Drop enough weight to be less comical on track bike and Campeon race setup. Ride, race, repeat.

–Finally get my iconic/ironic Leader “Boston Whaler” TT frame repainted properly, scrounge up a drivetrain, then get out there and annoy some Madison-area triathletes.

And on the 7th day, I’ll probably rest.

2014 bike plans:

  • get Broakland race biek frame. S3 tubing with teardrop shaped tubes.
  • get Geekhouse MTB re-powdercoated. Had an unfortunate denting of ST with the shitty sram clamp mechanism. Got it fixed, but now it needs powder over the spot again.
  • Build up Enve 29er XC wheelset, decide whether it goes on MTB or CX bike w/ disc.
  • Ride the trainer a lot
  • Find an Enve tubular wheelset for the roadie and get it ready to race some cat 4 road races.
  • prep old geekhouse for touring from seattle to san diego in june.

2014 Bike Plans:
[]Build TB14 rims to campy hubs so I can build my Merckx frame with the Chorus 10 group I have in a box.
]Build my old Fuji touring frame into a bike I can do the C&O/GAP ride on. Then do that ride in under 5 days.
[]Get the Campy off of my cross bike.
]Get the old 105 group off my road bike and put it on my cross bike.

Sort out wheelset
Replace cassette
Acquire/properly set up Force Yaw FD
Acquire setback post and sell Thomson
New tape & hoods

Swap out gorss cockpit for new bars, stem, tape
Start piecing together a 7700 group
Get that new revelate drybag guy set up

Continue halfhearted search for NJS pedals / DA post

buy Ashley a bike. Again. This will be try three.