New & Interesting Bike Campenaerts

I thought the overlap was a feature in bar tape. It always feels quasi ergonomic to me.


one thing i rly like about the wahoo climb feature is that it estimates how long itll be to reach the top at my current pace. every time i tell someone theyre generally indifferent but the timeframe is much more useful to me than distance.


what are these climbs based on? some are not climbs, which makes me think some local dingus flagged these stretches as such.

edit: also it seems like there are more of them as time goes on

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ive asked wahoo and hammerhead and they never rly gave me an answer.

garmin though, they have it on their site! they selects a section as a potential climb pro section (same as summit) that is a minimum 500 meters with an average grade of 3 percent or more, but you can adjust its sensitivity as well I believe.

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I’m not sure. My house is on a hill that gains about 100ft over a couple blocks. Not much of a climb.

For clarity, it’s 500m of distance, not gain. This confuse me initially. Also lol i think we just copied them.

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Was riding to the coast last year and had the route/all the climbs planned out in RWGPS, knew what to expect. Came down the ocean side of the coast range into a narrow river canyon and the Garmin blipped out that we were about to start a brutal climb that I hadn’t planned on, was absolutely terrified for a minute until I realized it must’ve placed the route path up the side of the canyon erroneously.


I think whether I would like this or not would entirely depend on how my ride was going.

There have certainly been some climbs I’ve only made up through pure ignorance of what is ahead and just telling myself to keep turning pedals.

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Since we mostly discuss industry news in this thread and covered this topic recently:

Wahoo looked to be in trouble. Now…

Chip himself, alongside three “equal strategic partners”, have bought back the business. There is no longer any debt remaining, and Chip says they now have a “super healthy balance sheet” with “plenty of cash runway”.

late to this, but i love the “super healthy balance sheet” thing. happy to hear that wahoo is gonna keep going if only so there’s an alternative to garmin computers

Here’s the last of the Pubes Enforcers that I received yesterday. I’m putting it in the new component thread because it features the newest MTB standard 105mm front 153mm rear spacing. I’m calling it Extra Boost.


Gnot Accurate?


Also the tire clearance on the frame is embarrassing, especially considering we opted for boost spacing and a 73mm bb. A 29x2.2 might rub, what year is it.

What a learning experience this has been.



PÜBST Spacing


Silca Chain Stripper:

I hope it works as well as they claim. Cleaning factory grease off a chain is a huge PITA.


I’m unreasonably excited about this.

You can Amazon an ultrasonic for the price of that bottle

I wish they had this stuff a year ago before I cleaned/prepped 4 chains.

am i the only one who doesn’t think stripping chains is hard? turp overnight, shake, fresh turp, shake, fresh turp, shake, fresh turp, shake, acetone. All the used grey shit goes in a 4L jug that i will take ??? when the time comes. Most of the time is spent doing something else while the chain sits and soaks, it’s not like you are scrubbing the chain or anything.

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