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changing the seat angle is a thing

i’m 99% sure this won’t work but given how good motors and batteries/capacitors have gotten…is it feasible to create an “e-bike” where pedaling charges a capacitor, which feeds a hub motor which drives the bike?

would you lose too much energy to various losses than you would through a normal bike drivetrain, after accounting for the savings listed below?

you could save the weight of all/most of the cassette/dangler(s), chain, chainring. cranks could be lighter because you don’t need to put out a ton of torque all at once. you could set the q factor however you wanted. i assume this would substantially improve suspension dynamics because no chain messing that stuff up. your rear wheel wouldn’t even have to be dished.

i’m also roughly the least capable person on tarck to discuss this idea with any intelligence.

They sort of exist

great i’m a genius

50% energy losses would hurt the cause a BIT though

When keeping it real goes wrong

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g-one speed pro, now in 2.35"


We have absolutely built that

The recent versions of Shamu have the stoker’s drivetrain totally self-contained, with a crankset driving a short length of chain to a 6-bolt sprocket on a 250W compact ebike hub motor. The “shifter” for the stoker is simply a twist throttle to set the wattage of the regenerative braking draw on the motor/generator. It is useful for helping the stoker keep themselves warm more than meaningfully charging the batteries.

The original version of Shamu pictured here has a stoker’s drivetrain of:

  1. Stoker’s Crankset
  2. 3 to 5 lengths of chain with a tensioner for boom length adjustments
  3. 7-speed internal gear hub drive sprocket
  4. Disc cog on the IGH hubshell as a jackshaft
  5. Chain from jackshaft cog to inner chainring on captain’s cranks
  6. Trials freewheel on captain’s driveside crankarm
  7. outer chainring to the rear wheel
  8. Rohloff in the rear wheel

There’s also a trials freewheel on the NDS crankarm too, for a linkage to the kickstand that deploys when the captain pedals backwards