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I am asking this question because I have been waiting for my pre-ordered Pista concept frame set to come in since January. I am starting to get fed up with the whole process and I’m debating canceling the preorder completely and going for a completely different build altogether.

My question is, has anyone dealt with this NJS Exporter blog site? They seem to be one of the few sources for vintage track frames online minus through private sources and flebay. Since Columbus sees very few frames of this nature, my only real option is an auction or online source.

Has anyone here dealt with this blog site before? What did you think?

I feel like their prices are fair for what you get, not great but not too bad either I guess. Who knows maybe I’m way off.

Where do you guys get your frames minus the bay? I’m always looking for that lucky find but I never hold my breath.

i think that shit is overpriced
after shipping for some of those frames you’re looking at 1000-1200 dollars
thats almost enough for a bad ass brand new custom frame

you could get a new panasonic for less than most of those used frames

i would save my money and buy a custom rather than buy one of those

also i’ve broken two used frames
no more used frames for me

i know waiting sucks but its worth it be patient

I had a friend who bought from one of these blogspot NJS exporters. I’m pretty sure it was the one you mentioned, but I wouldn’t swear to it. She was exceedingly happy with the transaction.

As for Concepts:

“ordered april 2007.
received may 2008.”


Why must I be so tall?! Awesome link though. I think I’ll be picking up some cranks from him.

Have you checked Parker Lewis’ blog (linked in his BF sig)? I think a few BFers bought frames through him. Looked like the same kind of operation.

I guess custom is a route I never really thought of. I have the money now, just never looked into custom or how to even go about it. Thanks.

Used frame are just so far and between here… it sucks.

Parker Lewis

just look into some custom builders you’ve heard of or like find their website send them an email about prices etc
unless it’s della santa then it’s only snail mail

some custom builders are way expensive and a long wait some are really reasonable

Oh, man, that green Panasonic makes me cream!

i don’t even want to think about those sexy panasonics. i want one so bad.

http://www.cycle-yoshida.com/panasonic/ ... 9_page.htm


Is that dude really charging $135 for a shitty set of Suzue Jr. hubs, or is there a different set of non-ProMax Suzue hubs that I’m not aware of.

Serious question, BTW.

At $668 USD, that’s actually pretty reasonable. Now if I could only read Japanese, I’d know how to order one…

At one time i thought about taking orders for USA people on Panasonics. Right now, Yellow Jersey is the only people bringing these into the states and theyre fucking people over hugely. I guess you cant blame em for making a buck though.
I figured people wouldnt mind paying a tiny bit considering you can get a new NJS frame, in any size you want, any color, with any decal set you want AND have your name or anything you want painted on the top tube. Plus, there are no other options on these things that arent ripping you off anyway.

Anyway, I might do this eventually if someone else doesnt.
If they do, good for them.

also supposedly if you go to nagasawa in japan the frames aren’t 2500
like yellow jersey charges

^^whats the cost on shipping for those panasonics?
I might have to have my japanese roommate help me stumble through the ordering process. I like the geometry/look/idea of build quality of NJS bikes but too often the imported ones are bikes that have been wrecked/ridden hard and are being replaced. I cant justify spending 750+ dollars on a bike that it is probable has been wrecked/is used.

i imagine it would be about the same as what those other NJS seller dudes charge
90-120 dollars

[quote=“dooktruck”]also supposedly if you go to nagasawa in japan the frames aren’t 2500
like yellow jersey charges[/quote]

Well Nagasawa doesnt sell to non-Japanese people anymore so you wouldnt get anything if you went there.

Fuck Yellow Jersey.

He does, you just have to go to his shop…

Find me a Samson, please.

Yellow Jersey’s markup is totally in line with standard markup in bicycle retail. There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing, they’re not scam artists or anything.

That said, DH, you really should do what you were talking about, or someone else should. Set up an online shop with a website in English that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and Panasonic. I bet you’d make a killing.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll do a little more digging I guess.

That panasonic link above is awesome… if I could just read the language. I’d love to look into a built panasonic for the same price as a used (possibly wrecked) frame exported.

Being 6’ 3", Those larger end new panasonic frames are looking really… really good.