Nu BMX thread

Figured I’d start a nu thread for little bike posting

This has since been finished with a different sprocket/driver and brakes, but it’s the only picture on my phone. Was gonna ride it this past weekend but ended up with a migraine for most of Sunday so this coming weekend will be the first ride.

21" SBC Trail Boss
S&M Race XLT bars, post, slim saddle
Odyssey r32 fork, headset, EVO 2.5 brakes, and folding Aitken tires
Profile stem, 170mm race cranks, mid BB, 30/10 gearing
Profile mini hubs to Sun Envy rims
Stamp 1 pedals

23.45 pounds and I was hoping it would end up 2 pounds lighter than that :frowning: Guess I gotta invest in some ti “upgrades” and a 125r frame

@scrub I hope you still have your T1


Hell yeah! I need to get my bmx riding again.

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You do

I sold my T1 a while back. It was sweet but I bought a bunch of snowboard stuff so….

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Think I got that Fit from you? Dunno if I ever posted a pic of it built.

Yup, that is a nice frame and I haven’t seen built up pics.

older pic of my bike. same parts now but more beat up. it’s sunday complete with some parts swapped, nothing special. I killed my heel bailing last sunday, super frustrating cuz it still hurts like hell and i was riding a ton and feeling great but hopefully back on this bike soon. Might try to do some easy grinds and stuff where there’s a low chance of landing on my heel.


You ever been to North Shore Bike Park? I’m hoping to check it out at some point this summer when my new passport arrives.

nah i never leave the island haha but it looks sick

My 24 is on the way from Iowa. Really want to air a quarter and grind some rails

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What did you get?

It’s a wtp. The maroon one

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I’ve always been interested in the bigger BMX bikes that still ride like a BMX, as opposed to one of the corny SE Flyer 29ers. If there was a solid aftermarket I’d probably be riding a 22" since I’m really just here for the pump tracks and dirt jumps, but it’s 10000x easier to stay with a 20"

I’ve been thinking of switching to a 22 or 20. Going to ride it a bit before I do anything. You can feel it’s bigger when trying to spin, but it’s still pretty nimble