Okay, which one of you wants an aerospoke (and more)? [NYC]

Matte black rear track with old bontrager tire and 18t 1/8. I can even throw in a 15t 3/16 cog to sweeten the deal. Or a lugged steel track bike for a little extra.

Shoot me an offer, can deliver anywhere in NYC.

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the track bike looks like this

59cm Alien frame, miche hubs to velocity fusion wheels, suntour superbe pro cranks

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I guess the dream is dead.

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Damn I already have a track bike I don’t ride

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damnnnnn, that would go great on my triple triangle geekhouse. The dream is still alive over here.


What’s your address and how much money do you have

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I should not be blowing money on an aerospoke. It’s back up for grabs. Someone do this!

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coworker might be into this. i’ll get them to give an offer

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DQ is this fixed only or fixed/free?

It’s not a flip flop hub - just fixed on one side, though there are machined sidewalls so you could use it with a freewheel and brakes

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I also have a pair of these for sale, shoot me an offer. Decided not to do a 650b conversion.

Selling my 56cm Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra. Shimano 600 8 Speed, Ultegra/Open Pro wheels, Campy cranks, Chris King headset etc. Here’s an NDS picture of it in front of the boarded up Leica store during the race riots of 2020. Bike shop guy said it was worth $1500 but I’m flexible.

Aerospoke has sold, the dream of 2007 is over.

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I still have these, and the matching tektro brakes, and some gravel kings and tubes if anyone wants to do a 650b conversion

I have an extra one of these, brand new. Ordered online and they accidentally sent me two. My gain is your gain.

I could put that to use…

If you need a selling point - it fit every single one of my bike tools

Where’s it at?

my apartment in SoHo.