omg wants

yes, it’s on hypebeast. whatever.

i want them.

Yuck. The shoe is just fine and all but made for fixed gear riders? bleh

I don’t get it? It just comes with a bag?

it’s got reflectorzzz and a saddle bag!

: : tarck : :
: : : as : :
: : :fuck: :

whatever any pair of NB running shoes have reflectorz. Wow it comes with a saddle bag, thats retarded.

Ah yes but it’s a fixed gear specific saddle bag.

Something touched me deep inside the day that tarck died.

maybe they have a stiff sole?

these were hotter

i was never a fan of sk8 hi’s or cabs

everytime i put on my vans its a bigger gamble than taking thirty foot drop on a rev-x, so i will buy a pair

that saddle bag is only for weed guys

You just sold their entire stock before it even got released.

I’m on hold until we get word on how stiff the sole is. The saddle bag can go in one of the parts bins I have around.

I thought they were gonna have spd.

I’m sure no one will be shocked to hear that I think this is fucking stupid.

^lol. Gauranteed the sole will be a regular vans sole.

No way. I’m sure the soles are extra stiff for radikal urban skiddaz.

that’s fucking stupid

Ditch the saddle bag, add clips and lose the “hype”.

Marketing people are soulless bastards.

as much as i hate bandwagon shit and laughed at the urban outfitters selling the “fixed gear” shoes, i really like vans era/synthetics and would like to have them as just shoes that i own and maybe even ride my bike with them.