opinions on the kilo tt. like, strong ones.

the kilo tt, or any bikes direct singlespeed/fixed frame for that matter- any reason why they are lesser in quality compared to a pake, an IRO mark V, a bianchi pista, KHS flite, or any other cheap tig-welded frame?

I know there is wicked toe overlap, although I am interested to hear how bad it is on a 55 or 57cm.

i know the components are crap, more interested in frame quality.



a kilo tt is better than a pake

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its ok, you are from boston, and i have a kilo tt (frame anyway) i can’t really complain about the frame, other than that it’s a 60cm, and it’s pretty big (top tube) i think i could go with a 57. but that’s the problem … you have to order it online and can’t ride it

I ride a bikesdirect unbranded kilo tt frame, 57cm. I personally think its great for what it cost. Track geo, reynolds double butted steel, rack and fender mounts, waterbottle bosses. The welds look like junk, but nothing has cracked or broken or anything. The only gripe I have with it is the top tube is kind of long for my short torso. The paint is really nice too. All of these factors, plus the fork, which I think is the best part of the frame.

Long story short, if you are looking for something relatively inexpensive, but want something more like a real track bike, I’d say go for it. Plus, the blue paintjobs on the new ones looks super nice.

Oh, and toe overlap is kind of a non issue on the 57. It happens sometimes, but you learn to avoid it very quickly. I would assume that the toe overlap is worse the smaller the frames get.

i’d say get the frameset. although the stock crap you get for the extra $150 might be worth it as a learning experience. but mid-winter, taking the time to piece together a bike might be a good idea.

i bought complete, and am down to just frame, headset and seatpost as the only stock items left. oh well.

get the frameset. itll cost you more to build it up, but thats one of the best parts of owning a bicycle…piecing it together and building it yourself. plus you can choose the specifications of every component that goes on it, without needed to upgrade.

paint on my kilo whip is total shit, but i dont care

get a scrambler

If you go to bikeisland they have kilo tt framesets without decals for $199 i was looking to get one, but the lack of good reviews convinced me to keep my road conversion.

the kilo tt has a gazillion good reviews, and the blue and orange paintjobs rule

I have a Kilo. I love it. The green paint job is the tits. The compliments on the paint alone keep me from painting it some ridiculous hot pink or neon yellow.

yeah, i dont mean to sound like a pompous asshole, but i get nothing but compliments from my unbranded orange kilo.

I’ve built a couple Kilos for friends (bought as frameset) and seen a couple completes, they are the best entry level fixed gear. You will need to replace the tires and saddle, but that’s it.

yeah, i dont mean to sound like a pompous asshole, but i get nothing but compliments from my unbranded orange kilo.[/quote]
Yeah, I didn’t wanna sound like that either but holy crap I’ve gotten so many compliments on my build it’s crazy. The colors of the paint are so much nicer in person that photos never do them justice.

i like mine. i get compliments on the paint too although its pretty thin. components arent the greatest but i got almost 4 months out of the stock wheels