Pake vs mercier

I found a pake frame for 170

Any other frames in that price range? Kilo tt any better?

Kilo is better.

kilo is nicer looking. i think maybe better tubing, but off the top of my head i’m not sure.

[quote=“anita”]I found a pake frame for 170

Any other frames in that price range? Kilo tt any better?[/quote]
That Pake does not come with a fork.

BI Kilo TT is $199 shipped with fork.

I <3 my Kilo.

kilo over pake any day

why? is it lighter?

gonna be honest, im kind of averse to the idea of getting the same bike as my ex :colbert:

pakes are 4130. kilos are 520. different names for the same thing, essentially.

tarckbike will always go for the mercier, but now that the pake has a tange flat-crown fork, they’re basically exactly the same.


pake is shit

why would having the same bike as an ex really matter?

it would just bother me to know that we had matching bikes

we already have matching jeans and matching weezer posters in our bedrooms

well there’s your problem right there.

get a different color, different components.

for the price you want to pay, your options are too limited to worry about something as silly as that

well there’s your problem right there.[/quote]
yeepppp, thairs yur prablum.

pinke haters

the framesets don’t have decals

pretend its a khs flite

You know neither one of these is a cyclocross bike, right?

Unless you meant this pake ... Frame_Mute

But that’s not really like a Kilo. :colbert:

i lulled a little

of course i do, gerund just got me stoked on the idea of having a track bike and for some reason i thought pakes were a lot more expensive

  1. pinkerton is a great album… everything since…not so much

2)the pake is straight gauge 4130
the mercier is double butted 520

520 is basically Reynolds branded 4130