people on ebay are stupid

someone just bought a front brake from me on ebay- … 0250226329
for almost the exact same price as someone who bought both front and rear from me- … 0250226957

and i feel that a good part of the reason has to do with the “fixed or track” in the title of the one.

Where can I get track brakes? :bear:

i know, dummies on ebay.
i thought i would pick up this crankset for cheap since htey aren’t matching. ... :IT&ih=002

the left arm clearly has the classic flute on it while the drive side does not. it has your regular nuovo record rings too. nothing special. nice sets like this usually go for around this price.
well some ebay newb came in and bid them up. i had stopped bidding around $40 or soemthing. i tried to get the seller to state they aren’t matching cranks and i don’t think he did until after it ended. not sure.
oh well. i need a left arm because i have one that is getting a worn taper…i’ll keep searching.

whoa, 67 inch cranks?

There are a lot of variables. I bought a dura ace road double + BB for cheaper than a 105 road double because the dura ace pictures sucked (well, and it had about 3x as many miles and didn’t look as nice).

Of course your pictures were pretty identical. You’re probably right about the track thing, though.

i am stupid

i just regret not selling all three brakes as separate auctions…

I just bought a full ten-speed Ultegra group on eBay for $300. People on eBay are indeed stupid.

hey bward, can i have my money back then? just make the check out to my initials (c.a.s.h.) and send it my way. ... 0247901712

oh gawd

Oh my god. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

wow, bet that seller’s happy. that’s like a <200 conversion. albeit a clean and relatively well photographed one.


looks like he’s cashingout of the scene before it’s too late- dark denim, track bike, riser barzz, and sneakerhead shoes and all.

$1,750 for his Fillmore.

Are Pistas incredibly hard to get in Australia?

Also this

went for $315

I’ll admit to paying too much for something rare and seldom seen ever for sale on eBay or otherwise… but wow… an Ultegra caliper… used… for $41 plus shipping!? You sir are the MAN! I want to give you my stuff to list!

I used to work in the parts department for a VW/Audi dealership and we started an eBay store for all sorts of stuff readily available through the dealerships parts counter and we sold VW Corrado stitched floor mats for $150… not BuyitNow… they BID that high! You could have walked up to the parts counter and bought them for $72! People in the midwest with nothing around them are popular for overpaying for things.