Platforms wtf

So last night i got my wifes scrambler built up and i took it for a spin. I wrapped up her pedals/clips and put them under the christmas tree so all i had was some janky ass platforms to put on the bike for a trial ride.

I was scared as hell when coming down a slight incline (no brakes yet) and i’m trying to back pedal and my foot slides forward and hits the front wheel (it’s way to small for me). I just don’t get how someone could in good conscious run platforms and brakeless, i mean it’s just stupid and begging for an accident. Especially if the frame is to small for you but you’ve got a foot of seatpost, toe overlap sucks really hard.

ok i’m just rambling i’ll stop.

Platforms suck man.

i’d never tried platforms on a FG, and i’m glad i never did. i was running clips on my road bike

I know a guy who runs big fat BMX platforms and his bike is impossible to ride.
Even resisiting feel sketchy.

I’ve ridden my old conversion on platforms and 40-15 just for getting anround town and it wasent all that bad, of cause it’s harder to stop and you dont ride as fast in traffic but i didnt have a problem with my feet slipping off.
It’s also really easy to just grab your bike to the store or something.

I still think clipless or straps is safer and much more fun, i’ve got double toshis now and they’re nice.

my winter bike is fixed + platforms + 2 brakes. i think i drank some grant peterson kool aid, 'cause i think he was on to something with the platform thing. there has got to be some muscles that go unused when your foot is fixed in position, plus i feel like everyone should go back to the basics once in a while to make sure you aren’t missing anything…

also, one of my friends rides platforms almost exclusively, and he is awesome. it takes so much more skill to ride singletrack well.

I had platforms on my conversion with a front brake for a while. I liked it. Only time I missed clipless was on the steeper hills but I don’t ride my fixed gear enough to really worry about it that much. Think I might put platforms back on.

resisting without clips made my knees hurt. i like being able to pull up to resist. if you have brakes i don’t think it’s much of an issue. BMX pedals would be better but i’ll take the clips anyday

step on your back wheel like the brakeless bmx kids do. it is much easier than resisting.

i find that a LOT easier with a freewheel. in fact, i don’t have the skill to do that at all with one foot still rotating.

I can’t even deal with platforms on a geared bike with two brakes.
It’s like driving a car without a seatbelt.

I lol’d.

gotta ted shred when rockin platforms

I can skid and skip on the bottom of my pedals. There’s absolutely no reason I can think of to run platform, though.

Good skill to have when your foot slips out on a steep downhill.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]I can’t even deal with platforms on a geared bike with two brakes.
It’s like driving a car without a seatbelt.[/quote]


I love the bmx pedals on my geared bike.

my scrambler is on bmx platforms with powergrips and i love the fuck out of them. especially in soft crappy plimsoles like vans.

yeah but you still have foot retention

ant your feet want to be free. why must you cage them?

clips are racist