Poll: How to shift my Ciocc

This little gal has been my daily ride for a long time, but I think it’s time to build her up with gears. I have just received my full restoration decal set so she’s going to look good as new.

These are my choices: (All are parts I have laying around. No $$$ involved)

  1. Downtube shifters running friction mode w/ 9 speed. Most classy but least practical.

  2. Bar-end shifters w/ friction or indexed, 9 speed. More functional but fugly.

  3. Brifters: 9 speed 105. Most practical. Would probably get the most use. Not terribly offensive (in my taste).

Personally, I’d do barcons because that’s just what I prefer. Most people are probably going to tell you to do sti levers though.


that is what the braze-ons are for.

What is not practical about them?

keep it classy.
unless you want to do some sort or futureist build in that case i would do brifters.

Downtube. Friction takes some getting used to, but really indexing Shimano 9 speed downtubes don’t cost that much. Don’t cheap out on your build.

I’m pleasantly surprised by all of the people saying downtube.

downtube for this frame definitely… it’ll look more consistent


I was wondering why you were only thinking friction downtube. Indexed stuff is cheap on ebay and you can use just about any shimano RD made after 1990. Friction 9 spd would be a real pain in the ass b/c your adjustment would have to be so exact due to the close spacing. You can go friction on the front if you want. It may even be preferable.

downtube without a doubt. i have my reasons for liking that in general…but for this one it’s just so right.

DT. You can index the rear if you want.


helllll yes friction front, index rear

I would recommend brifters, they’re more comfortable.
but DT would look the best.

DT shifters, indexed rear, friction front is probably the cheapest option.

Another for DT…

I will be in the opposition here. I would go with silver Veloce, ergos and all.


those Campa brifters are classy. Shimano brifters on the other hand would spoil the classic looks of your frame.

I would say anything but #2.

i throw my vote for the Delirium Tremens too

i was going to mention veloce, but i assumed maybe he already had 105.
06-08 stuff is pretty cheap on ebay. i just put a bike together with full veloce minus the wheelset for 300.