Poopbarning: not pukebacking like they used to thread


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this thread is gonna be amazing


on standby
can’t wait




1/3 of my crew just concussioned himself out of the #oregonoutback. Womp womp.
Currently waiting for FIL flight. Fortunately he’s not too far out of town


damn. who’s left?


Damn that sucks. How has the riding been so far? Is Prolly really going to do the whole thing in 3 days?


Word on bikepacking-fap-gram is that Ira Ryan is gunning for a 36 hour finish.
Strong rider. Bikepacked hard in the '00s.


After the way he destroyed the first couple Trans-Iowa’s I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he did it in that time.


we need grammin links.


Jesus christ, 36 hours? Hope he does it!

A couple friends are aiming to get it done in sub 48, and two teammates are planning on coming in under 3 days. Makes me feel bonked just thinking about it.


It’s making me think I had the wrong impression about this ride. I thought it was supposed to be all about campfires and cheap beer and shit like that. On the other hand, there are people who paceline all the way through RAGBRAI as well so different strokes I suppose


It is so rough out there they’ve only managed to tag 800 instagram posts with #oregonoutback so far. God knows when cell phone reception will CEASE!


^ lulz


Quick, someone go through all those fapstergram posts and post the best ones so that I don’t have to look!


They hath found hot dogs but I doubt they were organic at that price


^ so does that mean bbill crashed out with concussion?


Russ from Path Less Pedaled is going fishing #OregonTroutBack


^That sounds more fun