Poopbarning: not pukebacking like they used to thread


This looks pretty Epic.
Terra Australis
6,400 kms and 62,000 vms
Not a massive field, getting time off work could be an issue !


no ferry leg to Tassie?


What were they thinking ; )


Anybody used one of these as a handlebar bag?
tryna avoid dropping hundreds of $$ on a dedicated bag setup, rather go “fun and flexible”
2 x 2 tiedown points and durable material looks pretty good


I made a molle “pad” that wrapped around a compression sack and used pvc handlebar standoffs. It was fine


No, but i’ve been kind of thinking about using one of these. Looks pretty close to basket size and strapping possibilities on each corner.


You will end up scuffing/rubbing through the contract points. It’s very easy to build up a very basic bag-roll with minimal sewing machine skills. I started with a satchel from a conference. Just cut the back off it. You just want something that the straps can rub on instead of the actual dry bag.


My sewing machine isn’t here :’-(
which is a bummer cause I have a whole bunch of XPac sitting around
maybe I’ll yolo it for this trip and sew something for the next one


Planning on something similar using the following link as a visual guide;


I can send you my molle one on Monday when I get back, I never use it.


me? that would be dope. peemd


Yes, I’ve done it, and with one of those bags without tie downs. It’s not ideal but if you take your time and repack it once or twice so that it fits well you’ll be fine. On the handlebars you shouldn’t have problems with wearing through.

I’ve only had issues with holes when I used one of those bags lashed to a rear rack while riding in the rain. The grit that got flung up worked its way between the rack and the bag and the road vibrations did the rest.


get me into seat bag + dropper post
will those valais clamps work with any bag or are there some that still won’t work?
rly like the look of these https://rockgeist.com/product/gondola/ but 5 week lead time :colbert:


I have a Gondola. Kind of small but it is pretty amazing that it works as well as it does. It started to get a bit unwieldy when I hung a 3 person Tarptent off the back of it (quilt and 26+ tube inside, Tarptent at the very back being held by cinch strap alone.

I got it just before my trip a month ago. If you’re interested I’d sell it to you. I want something that can handle hanging my tent off the back so I think I need to sacrifice some dropper real estate and use a valais clamp.

To answer your question not all bags will work with the clamp. The bag seatpost strap needs to be in the right place and the right size.


I’m really into this:


That’s the bag style Shimano is using (scroll down)


Those new Shimano bags actually look pretty good.


DQ: What’s the current state of the art in carrying stuff on bottle bosses?


People seem to be using these:

Or a million voile straps


y not both