Poopbarning: not pukebacking like they used to thread


Definitely done Starbucks via on backpacking trips. It’s not great, but better than packing wet filters and grounds for days.


There are some fancy instant coffee options out there. I’ve sampled this one once or twice and am on the fence about its taste. Def. not equivalent to the same beans fresh but still tasty.

not a great DEAL but hey we only have ourselves to blame for its existence.


hell yeah, thanks for all the info

gonna do some dithering!


For most overnights I’ve moved to eating precooked food, no cooking. Cooking while camping sucks.

But in the need coffee camp, big time. I have to make hot coffee in the morning. Real coffee. I’ve tried cold brew — not the same. Doesn’t work. Tried instant coffee. Even worse. On a trip where I went four days without resupply I ended up pouring 10 times the suggested amount and still didn’t feel like I was getting enough caffeine.

I have a problem, but it’s the kind of problem I like

I also use the stove to make a giant bowl of oatmeal/peanut butter/trail mix/maple syrup. All those calories in the morning help keep me feeling good all day on the bike.


I’d just bring a red bull. Coffee when I got back AYHSMB


I’ve finally figured out what this S24O thing is. Oh, a one nighter.

Yeah, buy a burrito on my way out, a couple of granola bars and an orange for the morning, and a 500ml of whiskey. Bingo bango, you’re going camping with just a handlebar bag.


Basically except it’s as many tall boys I can fit into bags



Matias Dalgas, cheese/cheesewief, me and wief are at the enchanted forest before Matias does this thing


i still carry small front panniers so my handybag can be empty for food and beer pick dup 5-10 miles before camp

excited to do a few long rides on dusty roads to nowhere this summer!


Ok put out some good vibes


A friend Greg Galway is currently in 8th in the Transam. Keep your eye on Jacob Roberts in the Tour divide. A first timer but has some serious credentials, as long as his China plastic bike hangs together. Seb Dunne from Oz should go well too.


mathias dropped out day 3
kraig pauli rides with my rando club, he’s now in 2nd. fast af.


For some reason I was trying to find Ira Ryan’s write-up from the 2014 Oregon Outback today (no longer available). Instead I stumbled upon the 650b gGroup discussion of the event with some good Jan:Fred bantor.

My personal favorite Fred take:
“I guess since bikepacking almost necessitates sleeping in a bivy, the movement is predestined to huff its own farts :)”

Thank you, sir


Internet Archive still has it.



is anyone doing the swift campout? i may have a favor to ask for


I’m actually organizing one of the Colorado ones. Leaving tonight to snatch a campsite.


Which one? I’m going to the Seattle one.

On another note, what’s the best bungee net for the Revelate Viscacha or Pika seatbag?


btw asterisk, NOVELTYNAME thanks for linking in the blog post above


didnt realize there were multiples, nevermind!
involved someone i know going to one of them