Post pictures of your bike mess *NOT SAFE FOR ARTBLUR*


Serious question have you ever seen smog and / or smokestacks[/quote]

If you were right, we would have already solved the problem[/quote]

there’s not a “we” with consistent motives, hence the pickle we’re in.


Not really my bike mess, which is actually pretty tidy, but here is my recently assembled workbench. Still missing some essential tools, because most everything I have lives in my rollaway, which I don’t keep in my basement.


dueling vises!


There are FOUR VISES here. The small one is a little old Craftsman, but the one behind it is a very nice old Wilton which I disassembled yesterday and re-greased. Currently it’s just floating loosey-goosey, but I’ll mount it up and move the Craftsman to storage, soon.


I don’t actually see a single bike tool in that mess :colbert:


There are a handful tucked away on the board. Like I said, I have a double-stacked rollaway with all my bike tools, but that lives at work.


I need to make a workbench with a pegboard. But my desk/workbench/sewing table is in front of a window so it’s weird.


Lay out the pegboard, shadow board all the tools and cut out all the unused space



Do you mean like drill/jigsaw between all tools? Because that would be weird and cool


I think I’m reaching a point where I need to rent an art studio. Workbench in art studio would mean I can actually get work done.


But in SF wouldn’t you also have to sleep under said workbench?


just kidding, brilliant design features mean I won’t let my lactose intolerance hold me back from an all dairy diet


[quote=Andrew_Squirrel]I like the organization Rusty!
I am too in the process of trying to get the bike room dialed since it’s practically in the kitchen of our new house and will be visible to visitors. I feel bad forcing my partner to look at it everyday so i’m hoping that motivates me to keep it clean and pleasing to the eye.
Its going to be really hard transitioning from a huge garage with a 20 foot work bench and infinite storage to a tiny room intended to be a dining room.

This was the preliminary workbench area but I’ve since cleared about 50% of the stuff so I can actually use the entire bench and park the stool underneath.

Found some smaller matching tubs to organize bike parts & bags I want to keep. Made a little caster cart so its easy to pull out without scratching up the floor:

Cycletruck Parking was the most difficult, this seems to be the most optimal way to store it and allow shoe rack.

Picked up some of these racks which I really like but …ugh… way too expensive. The hardware on them is really nice & allows you to store bikes in the most efficient way without putting holes in the walls:

We were gunna get rid of this book shelf when we shed 70% of our book collection but it fit the helmets, bags, locks, gloves + stuff pretty well so its being repurposed.

I finally picked up a rolling tool cabinet this past weekend and merged general purpose tools with my bike specific tools in one unit.
Unfortunately the sliding drawers on this tool box are not great but we will see if they drive me crazy. Either way its far better than two tool boxes on the ground. I can already access tools much quicker instead of digging around for 5 minutes in some small overstuffed boxes.

Workbench by Andrew Squirrel, on Flickr

I was attracted to this Kobalt 1000 cabinet but was bummed that the hardware isn’t as nice as the Kobalt 2000 series.

Thinking about where to hang my rags… had the idea of finding a strong magnet with a handle and using the magnet to pin the rag(s) against the side of the cabinet. The pegboard hooks that came with the cabinet are so silly.

maybe something like this?


Um, this is the bike mess thread.


that’s just what it looks like when squirrel is still messing around


Damn. I need a bigger house or garage or something. I don’t wanna live where I am now anyways. Good enough reason


Squirrel, can you come down to California and organize my bike mess?


Squirrel if you ever come visit scenic St. John’s id appreciate a bike mess consultation


share bike mess in China.

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