Post pictures of your bike mess *NOT SAFE FOR ARTBLUR*


Holy fucking shit.



Wtf is that shit


No fucking way would I work at or get my bike serviced by that place.


just posted to instagram but initially took the photo for tarck. Went to put away a set of pedals and realized I might have a problem.


Would I be correct in assuming that there is not a single thing wrong with any of those?


loose springs, blown pins, etc. You can see the pile of parts to the left.

The two yellow pedals I took off (top right, mid-bottom left) were okay. I got them at a swap for $5 but one side of the drive side pedal was loose. The other 3 springs were as tight as a brand new set but one loose spring was fucking me up, especially for working all day. I’d rather be consistent and ride slightly loose pedals all around.

You can see a couple bodies in there with no springs. I definitely search out donor parts.


I solved all my Time ATAC problems by using Shimano SPD.




My wife is on them, and luckily hasn’t had any real issues with them.


I don’t trust shimano spds on a track bike. I don’t know anyone that does, honestly.


I don’t trust shimano spds on a track bike. I don’t know anyone that does, honestly.[/quote]
This was my logic for using atacs for many many years. Then I got a bike with brakes and a set of spd’s.


I’ve never, ever accidentally unclipped from shimano SPD pedals riding fixed, but I could be lucky.

here’s my bike + empty moving boxes mess i’m currently trying to organize:


My messbro friend won’t run SPDs on any tarck bike, even though we recently convinced him to get a brake.

He even got the bianchi celeste ATACs to match his '92 pista. It’s actually pretty sw8.

I absolutely have, and it’s fucking bullshit when it happens.


Do most people tighten their SPD float as they wear down their cleats? I can’t ever seem to remember to experiment but lately I’ve been popping out on a pair of well worn Terraduros.
Maybe this post will help me remember.

The main reason I haven’t messed with it yet is because I have two bikes with SPD pedals and two different SPD shoes at opposite ends of the wear spectrum.


I’ve popped out of SPD compatible non-shimano pedals, but the good old M520 has never let me down

YMMV (your mileage must vary)


Good to see another bike mess ITT.

Here’s mine while I figure out how to rid myself of half of my belongings so it’s no longer a mess.


While I’m definitely not happy one of my bikes got stolen I gotta say, it’s really opened up a lot of room in my apartment.


Room for another bike!


I was already thinking of selling some of my bikes. I have 7. This just confirmed it. One of the bikes (the giordana) is already spoken for, just gotta wait for the cash. The wolverine is going. I might keep the gunnar. Honestly at the end of summer I’d like to be down to 3 bikes including the bullitt.