Post pictures of your bike mess *NOT SAFE FOR ARTBLUR*


I needed a better way to store panniers. Hanging on hangers was taking up too much room. Still need to figure out something to put behind the bags to keep the clips from messing up the door (since it’s a rental and all).


that is tidy


That’s clever. Are you going to attach the rods to the hooks with tape or string?


Thanks. I wanted to make something more elaborate, but laziness and actually wanting to get it done soon won out.

I’m not planning on attaching the rods to the hooks right now. The easiest way to get the bags on and off is just to take the bag with the rod off the hooks. There’s basically no room between the door and the bag to get it to slide on/off without scratching up the door more. Maybe I’ll reconsider that after I get some protective stuff up between the bags and door.

But, I should put some zip ties on the rods to keep them from sliding out of the bags so easily.




i thought this was the bike mess thread… where we come to feel better about the mess we have in our basements/livingrooms/closets


My panniers live in a dusty pile in my basement when not in use.


Lost my panniers yesterday when I forgot that I hung them on a multi-pants hanger in the closet