Post Up Your Former/Destroyed Bikes.

2007 Cannondale Capo. Bought it used from a friend, used it for work from Jan - June '08. I miss aluminum.

2007 Affinity frame, bought new in June '08, lasted through to mid October. Rear end crumpled due to split second maneuver to avoid colliding into and annihilating asshole teenagers in the middle of the street resulting in a 20mph-ish sideways skid/drift type thing into a taxi’s left rear bumper. I hit so hard I got bucked off the bike and landed on my back next to the rear passenger door, head facing forward. Fucked up my ankle and it hurts to this day when I push on it. :colbert:

destroyed or just gone on to other places?
i’ve only ever killed one frame, and that was not in any particularly fancy way

old aussie track bike off ebay, made by wayne roberts in SA, apparently

later that day, after a car blew through a stop sign

Both, why I said “Former/Destroyed”.

i’ve gone through, in reverse chrono order,
bought in brianforums group buy, sold on this forum

bought on blatimore craigs, sold on craigs western MD

bought on baltimore craigs, sold on craigs NY state

bought on craigs western MD, sold on craigs western MD

bought on serotta forums, sold on ebay

traded basso for this on serotta forums, sold to ben on this forum

bought nos on ebay, trying so hard to get rid of here:

bought from anomaly on dcfixed, sold on serotta forums

found in coop, stolen by GF for polo bike

bought on ebay, sold on ebay

bought on baltimore craigs, donated to bike coop

bought at junk sale, painted and sold on nyc craigs

bought at yard sale, turned into tall bike

bought new from lbs, cracked head tube, sold replacement on ebay. first bike!

No decent pictures of the Bianchi I killed. Or anything worth posting really.

never killed a bike


The infamous dump truck crash. Note the lack of a front bumper on the truck. It got ripped off when he hit me and ran. The cops got him when he came back for it. Also note the lack of spoke cards in the wrecked wheel. I lost several of my favorite cards that day.

This was my ride for only a few months. Best fitting bike I’ve ever had. A mid-70’s Atala that got abandoned at my shop (they wouldn’t let me have it until we had called the guy probably 30 times over the course of 6 months). I ran it into a bulb-out at 2am while marking the course for a race. I saw the curb just in time to unweight my front wheel. I ended up straddling the bike, standing in some bushes listening to the air rush out of both tires. I didn’t notice till the next day that the top and down tubes were buckled slightly. The local frame repair person said that she could replace both tubes for a few hundred, but it would never be the same bike again. I decided against it.

I totaled a Pista Concept and a Mercier Draco this year.

damn tim. I think i remember when you got that daccordi. something about the paintjob.

What the fuck is with you guys killing bikes? I’ve been hit twice on my pista and it’s fine! hell, the second accident it ended up getting dragged 100 feet down the street to where there was a noticeable amount of metal missing from one of the shoulders on my bars but the frame is fine. So were the wheels.

high speed + substantial body weight + aluminum frames = dented tubing when the bike gets between me and the ground in a shit-eating situation.

both times I was hit was at 20+ mph but my body took the brunt both times. Also I ride steel and only weigh 160

Yeah. Didn’t like the paint at first. It grew on me till i really started to like it. Then it was gone.

As I recall, you were even thinking about painting that bike. I think we strongly advocated you keeping it as-is.

I have knock on wood not killed a frame since my BMX years. I sincerely hope it stays that way.

I’ve bought and sold more bikes than Brooks this year, but I don’t think I road as many as he has. I miss that Guerc and the girlfriend is still pissed I sold you that pink Basso instead of building it for her.

yeah, if i had known what i was doing, i would have kept the guer and built it up geared

I cracked the weld at the seat tube while being a general jackass/asshat, no car crash or anything. To my good fortune, Bianchi replaced the bike which I promptly sold to our LBS. My LBS then gave me a bareknuckle for cost.

Edit: I sold the frame on eBay for $66.

I buckled the top and down tubes of my schwinn drunkenly crashing into the back of a taxi at 3 in the morning as the bars let out.

My friend crashed my red bianchi because he was riding with one hand on the flat of the bars and the other at his side holding a sixpack like a moron. The fork was totaled and the rear triangle is pretty far out of alignment but could probably be fixed with a little effort and a 2x4.