Post your Bicycle-Polo Bicycle

Here’s an old pic of mine:

Since then, I’ve added:

  • 5 speed freewheel for better gear ratio and limited gear selection
  • polo bars
  • polo grips
  • polo pedals
  • polo-drilled frame for cable routing
  • polo saddle
  • Eddy Merckx tribute seatpost
  • Wheel cover featuring image of Jack Layton

Chop off the side of the bars that you don’t hold!

Those were on loan from another bike.

polo pedals?

Is that not clear?


Oh. Well, they’re just like normal pedals but I use them on my bike polo bike.


That’s kinda what I figured.
I can’t wait till some company starts producing “polo specific” stuff. ... hversion=9

The future is now.

That’s not what I meant, ya goofball.

I wish I didn’t suck so bad at polo.

i wish people in miami played polo.


The future is now.[/quote]



Nice. Derailleur hasn’t given you any problems?

It was junky at first but some of the guys that I play with that are mechanics, took a look at it and got it running really smooth. For a while it only seemed to recongnize the smaller 4 gears. Now it is running super slick, we play on a fenced in tennis court so I want the highest gear possible for sharp turning action.

killed that rear wheel playing, so i got a deep v.

I still can’t get over the fact that Gene Spicer built your polo bike.
It’s a beauty.

it’s certainly become one of my favorite bikes. and i bought it totally on a whim.

I am jealous of that Spicer frame.
I am glad everyone on here is cardboarding up thier front wheels. I was the first one to do it at our game, kinda weird I would have figured they would have all thought of that by now.