Post your Dirty Jumper


I doubt I will ever be able to afford one, but the Spaceframe Jones is one of the only modern bikes I lust after. That one’s a looker for sure.


I use this stuff:

On my frame I wrap the top tube with a single layer, and then wrap the foam with two layers of good electrical tape (3M).



my radlawn, with big ones.


Holy cow. That’s one thicc bike.


That Jones is beautiful.


wow those ones are T H I C C. love it.



Looks fast!


That Giant looks great.

Tall person bike chat:
how come spacers and a negative 17 stem rather than no spacers and a negative 6? aesthetic match with the level top tube*?

How long are the chainstays on the bike? Do you feel as if you can get your weight sufficiently balanced between wheels without feeling cramped?

  • I’m starting to think that this is a big part of what makes a road(ish) bike look good


I would miss my front derailleur.


Can someone explain to me why 1x11 is better than 2x11. I just fail to see the rationale and I don’t really see it explained in any satisfactory way.


More zen.


front mechs can hit the rear tire depending on tire width (wide) and chainstay length (tukt)


Stem is 120mm 8 degree. Giant uses 1.25 steerer that actually is mega stiff. Would need 130mm if ran positive and I already had 120mm. Stays are 430. Mega stiff bit 700x45 tubeless are mega smooth. Bike is all business. Fast fast fast. Not cramped one bit.

1x11 for the trails near me is ideal. 2x11 means lots of ackward shifts because it’s quick steep ups and downs. If I were anywhere flatter, it’d be 2x11. This isnt a road bike. Also, tire clearance and mud.


Man, tall person bikes just look cooler. I didn’t realise those were 700x chubs. Also enjoying the Swiss cheese cassette and chain wheel (that’s a one piece guy right?).


Hey guys
Check this shit out


A+, would check out again.




That is excellent and it makes me want to buy a frameset from you, even though I 100% don’t need one.