Post your Dirty Jumper


Not gonna lie, I saw a tool roll and the letter Y and jumped to conclusions about the maker.


Yeah. Jake is one of my closest friends here. He has made the majority of my bike bags. Including the bottle holder on my headtube. I prototype a lot of his stuff.





That thing is amazing.
Here’s my crappy exercise machine.


I like the way those levers end up on that drop shape.


[quote=Rusty Piton]That thing is amazing.
Here’s my crappy exercise machine.

Pleasure Tilt™


It’s just how that saddle works man.


Cool bike. What handlebars are those?


Thanks! Bars are Deda Newton Shallows, the short/shallow traditional bend bar.


Here’s my dirty jumper finally. Battery in the steer tube which of course still needs to be cut. Oh, 21 lbs. I need to figure out where to put the display 'cuz that’s not a good place.



Defo liking those purple hubs.


2006 dream bike.


Have you ridden it yet?!






Dream Jones


Be sure to wrap the frame/fork where they contact one another to avoid denting either one.


That spacecraft is hot.


Thanks I would have never thought of that. What’s good for wrapping?

Here it is in the wild (obviously not in NY)